Two Peas and Walnut Woods Metro Park

It was out first day without Volleyball practice or a game.  So I decided I would grab the girls after work, get a pizza and go to one of the parks we wanted to check off our list!  It was only 20 minutes away so why not we had a few hours before it got dark.

The plan was to eat, play a little and get a short hike in….well we ate and then drove to the other side of the park we were at Tall Tree area where it was trails upon trails BUT the play area was on the other side the Buckeye area….



Someone thought she would reenact the Lion King sans Simba ( I wouldn’t let her hold the Pheebs up that would have been a disaster!) 


So the one thing I noticed is that if I don’t get the hike in first….we don’t go…well we went a whopping 50 feet maybe …. 


See the littlest I’m so excited to hike face back there? 


All the newer parks like this have the best dog parks ….the kids would love a dog maybe some day.


Yep 50 feet when it was decided we couldn’t walk without hiking boots….really? It’s a paved path…..and this is why we hike first. 


She just wanted back here! 


There is our times up sign….a beautiful sunset.


So yeah, we have hit 5 out of 18 of the Central Ohio parks we started late and have Hocking Hills in there a couple times.  This week we hit another one yet to be decided~ 


Two Peas and a Bubble Run

Pyper had been begging me to do a 5K with her for as long as I can remember….well this girl doesn’t run, well a lot anyway. But when I saw the Bubble Run coming to Columbus I thought it was perfect it was a run/walk type 5K and since the Pheebs wouldn’t be running like we could it was the one to do.   So I signed us up….not long after telling some friends about it they signed up too!   Py was so excited we were going to practice we were going to run every change we got to be in shape for this….then the day came….we didn’t practice but she had volleyball practice literally every day this summer so she was good….me? I was going to have to fake an injury! (just kidding)

A week before the run I ran and got our packets, t shirts, headbands, bottles and a rubber ducky ….too funny!~


The morning of the run we arrived pretty early we were pretty psyched our first 5K!~

So we put water in the water bottles we almost forgot we had and took some before pics yes Py is slouching to not be taller than me she’s a goofball ~ 🙂

Then our friends started to arrive!

We could see the beginning and all the bubbles, the letter we got about the run told us we needed to hold on to kids under 12 years old I think well my friend Lisa and I have some pretty independent 8 and almost 8 years old so they will be fine….but just in case we had all the girls hold hands.

 Our littlest friends  were with their mom and dad (my friend Lillian and her amazing family!)

Then we lost all sight of anything and anyone ~ The first bubble color was pink! 


and that my friends is why you hold hands ….those bubbles were 10 feet tall and got everywhere in your nose, mouth, and eyes you couldn’t see anything and 3 ft tall peeps could get lost so easy!  but on the flip side all the kids where laughing their  tails off!  (after my panic attack I was laughing pretty hard too!~ I hid my phone as not to get it bubbly and tried to take better pictures of these faces but trust me they were funny!


Then Everything Green! 

We had more colors but after about five the littles were just done ! And Lisa took them to the finish by a short cut while the bigs and me finished it out with only two colors to go! 


DONE!!!  We grabbed some waters, granola bars and slowly walked back to the car we were tired! 


One last selfie with one proud Big and one crabbie hungry Little LOL 🙂 


That was a fun day and all of us can;t wait to do it again! 

Two Peas and Camping at Hocking Hills

As as Girl Scout Leader I have camped with my daughters and our troop several times….but not tent camping.  SO when my friend Jen saw we were hiking Hocking Hills and all over she suggested we go camping at Hocking Hills just one night since it was our first real time tent camping. I mean we had spent the night in a tent but only in the back yard where we can run inside the house if ever need but TENT camping HOW FUN!  So we looked up different spots and she found this one ….  

We stayed at the Family Fun Center site so the kids could do go carts and mini golf.  It also had hiking trails and a creek to explore.

My girls and I got there a couple hours before Jen and her kids so I could stare at this and ponder how I was suppose to put the tent up because I never had before! and the ex had used it a lot so the directions were faded but it was cool there was three of us smart girls there between us …. we got this ! (even of there was some cursing and foot stomping by me not the girls LOL) 


It took a few tries but….


We did it! all while watching the sky turn from a beautiful sunny blue to grayer and grayer and this mom going into panic mode…rain whyyyyy??


Once Jen and the kids got there they set their tent up in five minutes …show offs LOL ! 


Then the rain…..we hid in the car the kids in the tents it was so hot….then the girls come running out of our tent….it leaks would have been good know it leaked before we went. Once the rain stopped we tried to get the fire started for hot dogs…for awhile Skylar tried to keep the wood dry 🙂 

We were able to get it going but the kids wanted to drive the go karts before it rained hard. So we walked over to the track ! 

Then the rain! I thought they would have to stop but they kept going poor Phoebe was in a kids cart so her car was super slow but she didn’t mind! They were all having a blast.

Ah camping…… we had another girl scout troop call us Troop Beverly Hills once I know it was meant to be funny in a mean way but you now what I’d rather be in a cabin yes, yes I would…

We got the fire going again after the rain stopped or the third time and made hot dogs.

 THEN I know it’s shocking but MORE RAIN this time we ran clean across the way to a pavilion….the moms stayed under it while the kids ran around Phoebes t shirt just kept getting longer the more it got soaked it was hysterical! 

We sent almost two hours under than pavilion it was miserable….my love of nature of the rain kind is loved mostly by watching it from indoors…back to the site Jen was able to get the fire going again for smores ….as for me….


So we made it an early to tent night we let the bigs sleep in the leaky tent bu I had enough blankets that we were able to make a hedge so none of the water got on the girls. While the moms and littles slept in Jen’s bigger tent….somehow though the Pheebs had me all the way by the tent wall all that room and I had none…:( 

But I woke up to this sweet face…not so sweet morning breath LOL ! 

We woke up to a beautiful morning the sun was shining so we got up and had breakfast,cleaned up and decided we would ply a round of mini golf and then go to the creek before we headed home….


Mini golf seemed like a great idea…they had fun the first half of the game ! 

Then I think they were just tired because honestly even I was done….I just wanted a shower….SO we drove down to the river site to eat lunch and wow that was the spot. While the others finished eating I walked over to the creek we couldn’t see it where we were.  It was breathtaking and the random canoe was pretty cool. 


It was all over once the kids got down there thankfully I still had dry towels ! 

This was without a doubt the best part for the kids I couldn’t get Phoebe out of the water to leave! 

Eventually we got her out and back over the hill to the car.  We said our goodbyes to the Cashes and were on our way….

My favorite part….


On our way back to shower AHHHHH …honestly if the weather was better it would have been a lot more fun just not being able to hike or explore kinda blew BUT we will try again and we will rent a cabin even our friends agree to that one!


Finding Columbus

We have lived in Columbus since July of 2005 and I have yet to see everything it has to offer.

So one weekend when the Peas were away  I decided to go to the Columbus Art Museum only… was Labor Day weekend and they were closed for cleaning or something it figured ….


at least I got to see that before the security guard said sorry come back next week.  Sigh* I wasn’t going home it was too nice out and I needed to roam……and roam I did.  I Instagrammed it all  which was fun and annoying to the few people that follow me I’m sure HAHA!~

I walked around the museum for a little bit got a picture that probably everyone in Columbus has taken at some point in their life it’s still a pretty cool pic.  The Columbus College of Art and Design:


A couple random pieces on the same street:

Then I just drove around looking for a spot to stop and hang out I ran into the Franklin Park Conservatory I didn’t go inside I’ll wait for the Peas for that but I found art and beauty none the less.


I fell in love with this sculpture…. “Reaching Out” by Hungarian sculptor, and holocaust survivor, Alfred Tibor.


The NavStar sculpture, created by artist Stephen Canneto  the sun was reflecting perfectly off the tips I was dodging a couple having their wedding pictures done

I even saw where they were having the ceremony it was pretty adorable and a perfect day for a wedding.




I sat on the bench in front of the conservatory  and thought where to?  (also thought wow do I need a hair cut and have since taken care of that one…)


So I got back on the car and drove….around the building….. where they had more outdoor gardens  This one was amazing it was a ton of community gardens and the Serenity Garden of the Meuses:

I didn’t stay long no one was back there I felt intrusive so I jumped back in the car drank my diet coke and just drove with no direction and ended up in German Village~ of course I had to come to the Book Loft I could live here!


BOOKS!  and some outdoor shots too 🙂

I walked around German Village for awhile and saw some amazing architecture too they even have walks through the Village in the summer to admire the gardens, shops and homes.

It was hot out the hair went up but I wasn’t done yet!  (also I am super bad at selfies Py usually takes our selfies LOL)

I drove by Goodale Park so I stopped of course, it was busy with families chasing Pokemon….

I just roamed some more it had an amphitheater that looked abandoned for the season not sure if it was used but it had a whole set built around it…


I hope to go see an outdoor play here next time they have one!


The bronze statue of Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (I had to look that up) for whom the park was named 🙂

I hung out awhile here walked around the flowers were beautiful, the people where happy and the ducks were loud LOL!

It was getting pretty hot out and by this time it was like 4:00 and I had been aimelessly wandering for about 6 hours……maybe time to head home…..until I saw this!


It was everything I hoped it would be LOL….it had so many rooms and so much stuff!  They have a blog but it looks like no ones touched it since 2011…maybe I can help with that??   they are on FB though you can see them here  But nothing is better than going to the place.

I started from the top floor and worked my way out the front door….


So I am all by myself upstairs listening to 80’s hairbands playing through all the store that was awesome BTW.


I was taking in all the smells and sights of the old toys, books, nick nacks when two little girls creep up on me and scare the %^&*() out of me they just laughed and ran off ….YEAH kids don’t do that in this old probably haunted building…”I do believe in spooks I do I do!”

If I had a credit card I would have needed  a truck to carry out all I wanted….But the things I loved the most where just the creepy things like these:

The furniture and the pictures some where just stunning some needed to be in a haunted mansion….

How about the clothes and yes there was a ton I would have totally worn~

I found another stair case I already went down two so this was a surprise!  It had a lot of larger furniture…

Then all the little things:

I think I saw it all so I creaked down the steps and said good bye to the people at the front desk and out the door….


Pretty amazing day if I say so myself.



Two Peas and Highbanks Metro Park

Wanting to keep hiking and visit new parks we visited Highbanks Metro Park it had a ton of trails to hit so we were pretty excited, plus the girls love the natural playgrounds and they had one!

We went to the nature center first just to check it out and grab a map.  Outside the building they had an Eagles Nest that they encouraged you too add too… was all good and well until the littlest pea ran up to it and got stabbed in the leg…..needless to say she said they can build it themselves and ran off to climb the fallen branches.

Once the band aid was put on the stab wound we ran inside to get the map, it was pretty amazing inside too….

They had insects, snakes, fish and so much information about the parks and the girls could just go no need to keep saying don’t touch that because it was all there to touch and explore.

After about 30 minutes though it was time to start hiking, we went out the back door and saw a baby raccoon but he was so fast we didn’t get a picture….we did see about 40 people hunting Pokemon though it was kind of funny that they are looking for these things on their phones not once looking up to see the real animals right in front of them….luckily no one walked into the bee hive~ BZZZZZZ


I feel so lucky sometimes that my daughters can appreciate nature and visiting these parks (stay tunes for a blog post later this month about a day we DID NOT appreciate nature while camping LOL!)


Another 90 degree weather day ….. we didn’t care lets find that natural playground!

They made a tepee ( Pyper and I helped after Phoebe got stuck in this position! )

No pictures were taken of us all climbing the trees though, no hands to hold the phone and according to the girls I don;t have to take pictures of everything….which is untrue but whatever….so here’s more!


It was seriously a beautiful day just look at those clouds!  We made our way to the creek Phoebe’s favorite part….until we saw a bazillion mosquitoes~


Needless to say we stuck to the trails …..



Two Peas and a Camera


The girls and I love taking pictures of just about everything and on this day we wanted to be outside in the beautiful weather taking pictures at the Topiary Park downtown. 

So we grabbed the back pack with snacks, the red & white sheet and took off again.

It was a Saturday where they had an event happening they call it the 

PBJ & Jazz Family Concert Series  

Every Saturday in the summer~

You can see what other events they offer here:

We had parked around the block and walked over passing some amazing buildings that they would take pictures of on our way back.


It didn’t take long for Pyper to jump right in taking pictures of the water features.

So we walked around to the area without all the kids but could still hear the music, there were people walking and talking, a cute couple on a date having a picnic and even a table with people from the city doing crafts with the tiny kids.  Pyper saw a tree and immediately ran to take pictures, she even caught me on the outside watching her take pictures inside the leaves.


I am not a fan of how I look (turns out there are no make me look younger and slimmer filters on this camera LOL on another note I am trying to work out and moisturize bahahaha) but you can see Phoebe behind me on our striped sheet in the perfect spot just taking in all the people, ducks and topiary creations around her waiting for her turn with the camera.

Of course we had to take a selfie inside the tree!

She caught us observing her photography techniques 🙂

She might have caught me taking her picture too ~


Pyper’s pics:

Phoebe waited OH SO PATIENTLY but she went second because lets face it we knew she wouldn’t be giving the camera back to sis so easily~ !


Phoebe focused on the topiaries, flowers and the signs she absolutely loves this can’t wait to do this again with the fall leaves.


I had to keep an eye on her but she wanted space….just like her sister she caught me watching…..but that’s my job!



Phoebe’s pics:

My turn! I thought it was a great day to get pics of the girls too they looked beautiful personalities shining through with what they decided to wear out that day.

The doll on the other hand …. “Phoebe Can I take a few without your doll?”

We moved over to the other side and got silly it was almost 90 degrees and we had been here for about four hours they might have been getting tired, so we busted out the snacks and chilled under a tree 🙂

As you all know we are Girl Scouts maybe not your typical Scouts but Scouts none the less meaning we bring the back pack it has the trusty first aid kit and ice packs just in case!  Well the ice packs come in super handy when the girls get super hot. We were glistening that day that’s for sure.


Phoebe laid comfortably under the tree and actually took some pretty amazing shots….

Some randoms who ever wasn’t in it took it 🙂 !

On our way back to the car shenanigans !~

We took so many pictures I am going to make the girls books so they can look at all the great pictures they took and they can only get better!

img_3972  for directions and events, tours and to donate!

Two Peas and Our First Hocking Hills Day Trip

I have lived in Ohio all my life and never visited Hocking Hills, always wanted to but for some reason always thought it was so far away.  I didn’t realize when we moved to Grove City eleven years ago that it was literally an hour and ten minutes away.

So off we went!

We wanted to make this a summer of outdoor fun hiking, running and playing at different parks so we ran to Gander Mountain and bought new hiking boots (and yes those are my oldest daughters boots she is now 7 inches taller than her mama), to Kroger for the our trail mix ingredients and got ready for an amazing day at this beautiful park!

Phoebe loved making the mix the night before.  The day we went we got up super early, I got the backpack together the first aid kit and sheet we use to sit or lay out to eat, Pyper made all the sandwiches and got the chips together.  We grabbed our cameras so the girls could take pictures and water bottles then got on the road!  (did I mention it was early like 7:30 early see our morning faces LOL So we stopped for hot chocolates and chai latte to wake our butts up on the way).


It was beautiful outside not too hot and as sunny as can be we could not have asked for a better day.

We changed into our hiking boots when we got there.

Once we tied our boots we were on a mission you see I follow Ohio Explored on Instagram  if you don’t follow them you really should they have the most beautiful pics and ideas where to visit close to home.  I just want to visit every single spot but the ones from Hocking Hills were always being posted and Old Man’s Cave looked like the spot.  Not to mention of friend of mine took his kids there and they loved it he told me about the Devil’s Bathtub so we had to find that! (note we found it and never took a picture! next time we will!)


The girls were in heaven they were in awe of the views, the waterfalls little and big.

I have to say this trip was the best the girl’s got along so well not one mean word to each other we laughed and they even helped each other climb.  Py and I did have a Phoebe near death count I believe we got to 17 she tripped over every root climbed the highest rock ran through the woods like a Sasquatch and hung from a tree way to close to the edge.  Ok maybe not THAT close but if you know me at all that was still too close LOL

Of course we ate lunch there with the BEST view!

After lunch we just kept walking, tripping and laughing 🙂

After about 6 hours of hiking we were spent and super hot and sweaty (gross) so boots off flip flops on and back on the road!


But on our way out we found an ice cream place !

Then we found an off road flea market place with tons of junk!

Once they found those rocking chairs and sat down we were completely done ….practically carrying the Pheebs to the car they were both out like a light not ten minutes down the road.  And we can not wait to go back now that it’s fall it will be even more beautiful!

Let us know if you’ve been and what part of the hills we would love suggestions for our next visit 🙂

Two Peas and New Beginnings

Who knew that two years ago this month the peas and I would be starting over in a new much smaller place as a now single mom of the peas.   It is because of that change I haven’t touched this blog only since it was mainly about family ….. two years with no new content and SO much that I could be blogging about just because we aren’t a family of 4 any more doesn’t mean we aren’t a family doing family things!~

Yes, it may have taken me two years to get my motivation back to realize nothing is going to change if I don’t blah blah blah – but that’s for another blog I will be starting we will just keep this one as it is.

So here’s to new beginnings~ I look forward to writing again. And hope to have something up by the weekend on this blog!

Did ya miss us! ??



Lillian Louise Ellis April 28, 1928 – May 9, 2010

It’s coming to that time of year again, it always hits me and for a week before I just can’t function right; maybe this will help.

May 9, 2010 was Mother’s Day that year.  We were at my ex husband’s family’s house after just laying his Grandfather to rest.  We got up and was ready to head to my family’s house to spend the day with Mom and Gram.  I get a text from my brother…”Gram was having trouble breathing they are at the hospital”  I text back if it was ok we would drop the kids off at the house with him and Mom and go straight to the hospital.  It seemed like it took forever to get my family in the car.  I was worried but reassured everyone she would be ok….she had to be.  Half way to Akron from Orrville (maybe 20 minutes) I get another text from Ben…..”just come to the house” ….. my heart sank, something was wrong ,,,,we were going to the house first why a text to come straight there? Oh my god…..I replied….”ok”.

We pull into the drive way of the house I grew up in, raised by these amazing people I had the privilege of calling MY grandparents when I see him……Ben this tall 24 year old kid who never knew anyone other than my grandparents as Mom and Dad, bawling in the middle of the drive way waiting for me.  I whispered “she’s gone” and ran to him.  This is the moment I remember every time I pull into the drive way, even today.  

So much happened that week my Mom left the day of the funeral with my sister and her family to live with them. I felt like we didn’t get to say goodbye to her. (she came to live with us a short time later).  I helped Grandpa with the bills, calling  all the doctors  to let them know she passed away, dealing with insurance.  I stayed there a week while my daughters were with my ex and his family.  I hated leaving him to go back to my life in Columbus, he was now alone…..his wife of over 50 years gone, his daughter who they took care of the last 24 years gone and now I had to leave.  Ben would visit every day and make sure he was eating and eventually took over the bills for him since he is there.  It was all just a process and six years later things are ok. BUT not a day goes by not a decision I make or mistake I pay for I’m not thinking what would Gram had told me to do. 

I could go into how hard it had to be for her, raising her daughter all over again and her three kids when she should have been retiring and traveling the world with Gramps, but that would be a super long post because she sacrificed everything for us. I was lucky enough to know her for 34 years even more lucky that when I became an adult I could talk to her about everything she wasn’t just my Gram, she was my Mom and my friend.   We learned to not sugar coat things and even laughed because the look I get, that look Phoebe gets when we hear or see something stupid?? Yeah I got that from her….she gave me that look more times than I can count…haha.

I miss her, I miss calling every time I needed real advise, I miss her telling me not to be a “fool”, I miss her telling saying I love you.  Because the one thing she taught me is that true real love is out there.  The love that she and Gramps shared was true love, they would never give up on each other and always made us kids feel that epic love.  

In the six years she has been gone, Ben has gotten married and had two beautiful children.  I got divorced and moved but stayed in Columbus.  We lost two cousins entirely too soon, family weddings and babies all over the place.   Things have never been the same, our extended families have sort of drifted but we are trying to stay together.  Ben, his family, Gramps, the girls are I are together every chance we get that bond will only get stronger.  

My only regret is that I never truly got to say goodbye, I love you Gram.


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Girl Scout Walk About – Lanyards 2017!

UPDATED FOR 2017 LBB COOKIES (working on ABC hope to have up this week)!

Originally posted 2013

It’s cookie season as you know, and we are getting ready for a lot of cookie sale opportunities!   With all of our booth ideas running through our heads we are also getting ready for Walk About Week.  For those that don’t know that is when we go door to door as a troop.  First thing I made for the girls is a lanyard to make it easier and faster when some one asks what kind and how much.

Here is a short tutorial on how I made ours….

5 yards of thick cos grain ribbon made 18 lanyards, it could make more or less depending on how long you make yours.


I had gotten a bag of these at a yard sale for a dollar I like using these for the lanyard clip than the two-part way you see a lot online.  Lace this through the ribbon first.


Then sew the ribbon together.  I sewed it three times across because the girls will pull on them I am sure.


I printed out the cookie variety and the price cheat sheet and stuck them to a green paper to match the ribbon.


Once I cut them out I laminated them and cut the out again with my helper…


 (who was really watching Bo on the Go)


Punched a hole with the handy dandy crop-o-dile ( oh my she was little back then)


And hooked the to the lanyards!


This is not an original idea I saw it on pinterest and I would mention the blog it came from but there wasn’t an attached author! But if you would like to see that one here is the pin link (-:


I will keep update my blog with whatever we do for this cookie season we are so excited this year ~!


I did not have a template for the cheat sheets but have gotten several request so here you go! Just print out and resize if needed (-: Let me know how they turned out!

Cookie Price Cheat  for the normal $4  per box and here is the 2017 line up  (save and print the following picture you can resize to your             15741046_10154729099470792_3650404031497739651_n

liking )  or just the  Super Six  (clink on the link)    Six  (click on the link)  which will be a little more rectangle than squareThe second link are the super six from the bakers website in two different looks

I put them on Word so that you can right click as resize as needed I made the 5×5 inch with the card stock border if that helps at all !

Thank you to everyone who has made such nice comments!  Our troop went to our council Cookie Rally and they had them there for the passports in 2016 I loved it  !

And by the way the littlest pea is now a Brownie and loves Scouts!