Two Peas and Walnut Woods Metro Park

It was out first day without Volleyball practice or a game.  So I decided I would grab the girls after work, get a pizza and go to one of the parks we wanted to check off our list!  It was only 20 minutes away so why not we had a few hours before it got dark.

The plan was to eat, play a little and get a short hike in….well we ate and then drove to the other side of the park we were at Tall Tree area where it was trails upon trails BUT the play area was on the other side the Buckeye area….



Someone thought she would reenact the Lion King sans Simba ( I wouldn’t let her hold the Pheebs up that would have been a disaster!) 


So the one thing I noticed is that if I don’t get the hike in first….we don’t go…well we went a whopping 50 feet maybe …. 


See the littlest I’m so excited to hike face back there? 


All the newer parks like this have the best dog parks ….the kids would love a dog maybe some day.


Yep 50 feet when it was decided we couldn’t walk without hiking boots….really? It’s a paved path…..and this is why we hike first. 


She just wanted back here! 


There is our times up sign….a beautiful sunset.


So yeah, we have hit 5 out of 18 of the Central Ohio parks we started late and have Hocking Hills in there a couple times.  This week we hit another one yet to be decided~ 


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