Troop 1391’s First Bridging Ceremony

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I had planned for months and was so excited for our Bridging Ceremony.  We had rented out a hall at one of our local parks and I did soooo much research on Bridging, Re-Dedication and Investiture Ceremonies.  Not to mention I racked my brain with fun things to do for the girls and their families.  My co-leader had just had a baby girl and I needed to make this as easy for her as possible so I jumped in.

I kept seeing where the rainbow was the thing to do for a bridging ceremony that’s all it took…..everything rainbow!!

I knew from the get go I would need something at the tables to occupy the younger siblings most my girls had them LOL!  I used Oriental Trading company for a lot of the decorations and what nots.  Lets just say I am glad I didn’t trade in the Edge for my Sonata back then or this couldn’t have happened.


I found rainbow crayons and I made little rainbow crayon holders and printed out free girl scout coloring pages from anywhere I could. I just Googled free girl scout coloring pages and BOOM there they were.


I also made for the tables lollipop flowers in a pot I used more felt and ribbon and SO wish I got better pictures!


Added grass


then the lollipops!


Now since this was our first investiture, re-dedication and bridging ceremony I will add this to my post ….. full disclosure I was clueless how to do the actual ceremony part.  I read every blog, book and article on what other troops did.  That’s when I saw that we could do a Scouts own for this and well I won’t sugar coat it it was awful…..we had the brownies fly up to junior and walk over this bridge we borrowed from our service unit and sang the friendship song.  We called names out and pinned the re-dedication girls handed out patches and well…..took pictures and it literally lasted one hour and 15 minutes and that was with the families eating and talking.  It was horrible.  I blame myself and this year that will not happen, simple decorations and food more on the ceremony.  But I did do a kick butt job on the decorations and take home goodies (-: !

Here are a few shots of the short and just plain not put together ceremony…I even made these for the girls to hold….it made no sense what so ever Oh I can not wait to redeem myself this year LOL



I had them all read a line from a poem that part worked out pretty well! (the socks with that dress on my daughter NOT so much)


Here is the poem :

I Am A Girl Scout
I am sunshine...the sparkle of merriment in the eyes of my youth.
I am a doorway out of the commonplace into a new, exciting experience.
I am a purpose-for-life, which will make the later years of the girls I love rewarding.
I am noise... and a silence with warmth in it.
I am laughter...and a quiet revolution, which seeks the comfort of a listener.
I am energy and a touch of living service.
I am youth and the slowly emerging habits that make matured experience worthy
I am the today and tomorrow that is being shaped.
I am habits, ideals, ways of living, confirmed attitudes in the souls of youth.
I am the giver of gifts that fall not away, that time will not quench, that riches will not deceive.
I am a home to which a heart can unfold.
I am a force that holds you near to each other no matter how different people are.
I am a spirit that forever sings within your heart.
I am love - deep, sincere, devoted love.
I am part of you - for though your feet may pass my door, in my memory you will live eternally.

I am a Girl Scout.

(Author Unknown)

Now back to what I did do well !

I wanted a photo booth so I made all the props and My co-leader at the time Abby hung all the streamers on the wall for a back drop. I didn’t get a good angle HECK I didn’t get any pictures but this and one other.  I had my now co-leaders husband act as photographer and I begged but only got a few from the parents.


My little ginger headed Brownie was quite fond of the mustache (-:




I also bought from oriental trading these key chains all the kids who came could make for their parents my daughters was a little less of a rainbow and more like a colorful chain LOL ~


My neighbors husband who had a daughter in the troop at the time made the cake I saw one on pinterest I loved and this cake genius made it even as his step daughter was too sick to be there!   (as for the had been in the troop yes this is a late post and sadly 4 of the girls dropped out and yes I have taken it hard )-:  but we have more coming!)


And because we are Girl Scouts when we realized we didn;t have a knife to cut the cake our GS Mom Jennifer used dental floss!


The parents all signed up to bring the food which was great or we would have just had cake at this point we spend the troop funds on the rental of the center so we needed to save for anything else we wanted to do this year (like  COSI).


I covered big cans in felt and added a rainbow touch for the forks and spoons to be held


And I knew that I wanted the girls to have a rainbow colored candy bar so I tried my best! Not as awesome as the ones I have seen but as long as they got the candy I don’t think the girls even noticed.


I even had little bags printed up for them to take their loot! (- ;


My now co-leader Erin made this awesome poster that the girls all signed too!


The girls had fun I do believe and our next one is just around the corner so planning begins…….NOW!


Troop 1391’s First GORP Cermony

This summer our troop will be getting ready for camp, and I plan on doing  something camp oriented at every meeting until we go.  This meeting we did the Gorp Ceremony so they could learn about this tasty trail mix and have a meaningful ceremony too. Total cost for the below was $88.74 yes I could have gotten the less expensive versions but it was our first one so I splurged on the girls.  Next time I will be more frugal (-:


I had each girl come up, sanitize their hands and take an ingredient…..


The awesome thing is I have 14 scouts and there are 14 ingredients it was perfect! ( although my co-leader did step in the night of our meeting as one was a no show)  Once they all had something they stood in a circle with me and a trash bag in the middle….now as a side note always use a very strong trash bag I had no idea it would get so heavy (-:


with each line I read the Scout would add her ingredient into the bag…(oops fuzzy pic!)


I had a bunch of Moms at our meeting that night once I put the heavy bag on the picnic table, they took over and mixed it. (I think they were excited to eat it too) 


We gave it to the girls in cups while they did a craft and even shared with a Boy Scout Troop that was there making terrariums.  Although a side note I am still a little salty about the boys not saying thank you…..ANYWHO


Here is the script for the ceremony it was very fun!

Girl Scout Gorp Ceremony

This ceremony can be used as you create some very special gorp with your girls
before heading off on an outdoor adventure.

Today we will build a nifty snack to nourish our bodies. It symbolizes how the
many ways of Girl Scouting nourishes our spirits.

We have a Promise and a Law. On our honor, we will to do our best to be fair
and square.
So we will begin with CHEX.

Girl Scouts come in all colors, from all races around the world. Every Girl Scout is
a sister no matter where she is from, no matter the language she speaks, no
matter the color of her skin. God loves variety, and Girl Scouts are the colors of
the rainbow.
So we will contribute M & Ms.

Some of us are tall, and some of us are small. When we get together, size
doesn’t matter at all.

Sometimes we are nutty. We love to joke and play. We’d love to put a Girl Scout
smile into everyone’s day.
So we will toss in NUTS. (Or shredded coconut or corn nuts in case of nut

Sometimes we are quiet and thoughtful. We have special gifts of love and caring
to give in service to those who need our help.
So we will sprinkle in TEDDY GRAMS.

When we get together, we seem to make circles. We may sit in circles, play circle
games, and make a Friendship Circle. You could say that we are well rounded.
So we will roll in CHEERIOS.

When we are busy planning a project, or doing a craft, we pop with enthusiasm
until we’re done.
So we will pop in POPCORN.

Girl Scouts respect all living things. The earth is our home, and we want to keep
it safe for everyone.
So we will release GOLDFISH & ANIMAL CRACKERS to the mix.

Girl Scouts are “chips off the old block”. Girl Scouting began in 1912. Since then
we all have been part of an old tradition, and are proud to be part of the future.
So we will drop in CHIPS.

We get a kick out of learning new things, helping others, singing, and being
together with our friends.
So we will kick in KIX.

Young Girl Scouts may be hard to resist because they are fresh, sweet and new.
But the older scout maybe more fun, because she has more experience.
So we will put in RAISINS.

Girls who come to Girl Scouts bloom. They are like little seeds we water and
warmly shine on to grow up strong.
So we will finish with scattering these SUNFLOWER SEEDS.

So we can see that when we mix together the many ways of Girl Scouts we end
up with something truly special!

Here is the PDF if you want to print it out I found it on Google !

I am so excited about our meetings aimed at camp I will be sure to post more when I can (-:

Troop 1391 Walk About 2013

If we thought our first booth was cold it was nothing like our walk about! Last week was girl scout week and also walk about week, so we cleared our area with council and made plans to walk on Monday.  Unfortunately, it poured rain and hailed so we cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday the only day the whole troop could make it. We watched it snow and get colder ALL day, but we couldn’t cancel or we wouldn’t be able to do it and my girls wanted to experience everything this year.  So they bundled up and met in my garage. I had the table all set up for the parents to grab their newsletters and sign up for activities coming up because I am organized and it was the perfect time right??  well no, lots of parents were too cold to even get out of the car LOL!


Of course my soon to be Daisy was a helper her preschool class was collecting change in that bottle for the Ronald McDonald house so she made sure to put it out there….so sweet (-:


The girls grabbed their cheat sheet lanyards and  packed up all the wagons to started out….


They worked so well together I couldn’t believe it, being that cold surely there was going to be a cranky one I would have to send back to the garage to stay with my co-leader Abby but NO they were amazing. 


They took turns and was polite we even found out there was another leader in my subdivision who wished us luck then promptly had three girls run out of her house in the snow the other direction with cookies in hand to sell to the neighbors.  NOT the Girl Scout Way especially since I signed up for this neighborhood and had gotten approved ANYWAY I digress.


We went half way around the neighborhood and sold 10 boxes of cookies, saw people literally look out windows and not answer the door, taught the girls what no soliciting means and that boys can be ridiculous and girls can be giggly!


My super mom Stacey walked with us and was just as impressed with these girls as I was so we went back to the garage for snacks and to get out of the wind.


Our Harlie brought snacks and then I made smores mix too!


The girls took that to go once their parents picked them up. After snack they went right back out in the drive way to hold signs and try to sell more while the parents where stopping to pick them up.


You have to handed it to them come rain, sleet or snow the Girl Scouts are always selling cookies LOL!  And their helper stayed in the garage still doing her part (-:


ALSO Since all my parents had to come in the garage to get their scout I made the most of it by having any info I needed to pass out and sign up sheets for upcoming events ready to pass out right there!


It was a cold but fun day and we can’t wait until next year !

Our First Cookie Booth of the Year 2013 “Snuggie Up!”

It was FREEZING!~ and windy and snowy but five of my scouts signed up for the day and all five were determined to have fun.  So what did we do to keep warm and have a fun booth?? We Snuggied Up!


We kept the cookies in boxes because what you can’t see in the pictures is the snow that would have gotten the boxes wet.  It was 31 degrees out that first booth day and we had a different theme in mind for out full out bling but on this day my Scouts just needed to stay toasty (-:


snuggies made it easy to keeping track of the cookies we sold


They did so well sold 68 boxes of cookies took turns eating lunch in Ms Erin’s warm car and started back to selling. 


At times the snuggies came off because they were just a little awkward, but it was a fun day! and we only had 7 booths  more to go!~


Make sure you keep stopping by to see the rest of our cookie season blog post (-:

DIY Girl Scout Idea Book

I made this book for easy reference to all my Girl Scout Ideas. It’s similar to my Garden Journal and I even made one last year for all my Christmas ideas.


Just like the others it just takes some scrapbook paper and a composition book.  I have even thought about having my troop make smash books this way.  Super cheap and lots of fun!


For this one I put a post it note on the inside page along with an envelope for all my receipts and as you know if you are involved in any troop you will have LOTS of receipts!


As you all know I absolutely love pinterest so I printed out my boards and taped the things I absolutely want the girls to try inside the pages.

I added tabs for each of the topics I have random ideas for and I just write them in when I think of it.


On the last page, the Girl Scout Promise nad the Girl Scout Law along with another envelope because I needed it !


And last but not least I added a green ribbon to close the book  (see first pic above) so my pages don’t get all messy…I hate messy pages (- : and a book mark too!


Super easy and fast to make I use it ALL the time let me know if you make one too!

Girl Scout Walk About – Lanyards!

It’s cookie season as you know, and we are getting ready for a lot of cookie sale opportunities!   With all of our booth ideas running through our heads we are also getting ready for Walk About Week.  For those that don’t know that is when we go door to door as a troop.  First thing I made for the girls is a lanyard to make it easier and faster when some one asks what kind and how much.

Here is a short tutorial on how I made ours….

5 yards of thick cos grain ribbon made 18 lanyards, it could make more or less depending on how long you make yours.


I had gotten a bag of these at a yard sale for a dollar I like using these for the lanyard clip than the two-part way you see a lot online.  Lace this through the ribbon first.


Then sew the ribbon together.  I sewed it three times across because the girls will pull on them I am sure.


I printed out the cookie variety and the price cheat sheet and stuck them to a green paper to match the ribbon.


Once I cut them out I laminated them and cut the out again with my helper…


 (who was really watching Bo on the Go)


Punched a hole with the handy dandy crop-o-dile


And hooked the to the lanyards!


This is not an original idea I saw it on pinterest and I would mention the blog it came from but there wasn’t an attached author! But if you would like to see that one here is the pin link (-:


I will keep update my blog with whatever we do for this cookie season we are so excited this year ~!

(note I got the year on the cheat sheet wrong oops! and not a single scout noticed LOL)


I did not have a template for the cheat sheets but have gotten several request so here you go! Just print out and resize if needed (-: Let me know how they turned out!

Cookie Price Cheat  and  2015 cookie varieties LBB or just the Super Six which will be a little more rectangle than square (-:

Here are the super six from the bakers website in two different looks

I put them on Word so that you can right click as resize as needed I made the 5×5 inch with the card stock border if that helps at all (-:

Thank you to everyone who has made such nice comments!  Our troop went to our council Cookie Rally and they had them there for the passports I loved it (-: !