The Chronicles of Professor Puffington: The Paddington Files

Puff wanted to play all the time but Pete is an old man and just wants to lay around, sleep or get some snuggles in with his humans.  We felt that Puff needed a playmate, another brother!

The girls had begged for so long and we resisted but one morning I woke up and said YES we can get another kitty.

So after work on a cold day January 3, 2012 we went out to look for a new kitten.  The first place we went to was just scary but the second place EUREKA!  All I wanted was an orange kitty because rumor has it they are the friendliest.  We got to a place where they had two orange kittens so we had to decide which one.  I let the girls decide it was hard, until we found out only one was a boy so there you go easier than we thought!

We couldn’t wait to get him home….we named him a week before we got him Paddington but that sounded plain compared to Petey Peteman PHD and Professor Puffington….so Chad called him Saint Paddington I liked Paddington Peabody and got out voted since Pete is a doctor and Puff is a professor Paddy is a Saint…..we have a weird family.  Paddy made himself right at home even tried to get a snack, clearly being the new guy he didn’t know the no felines in the fridge rule.

It didn’t take Paddy long to fit in, in fact we didn’t see much of Pete and Puff for the first week he was there! When we did see them Paddy tried to play but they would hiss and run, kind of like Paddy trying to play with Pete when he joined our family.

It took a little over a week for Puff to realize how awesome his new brother was, Pete on the other hand is our little old man and still just want to be left in peace!

Of course we all knew he was awesome when he got here….that is until I saw a flea one lone flea…time for your first bath Paddington….Don’t hide!

He was a champ Dad of 2 Peas ran to the store and got the shampoo he did so good I hardly got any scratches! He sure looked tiny all wet cute little guy.

But the one thing about Paddy that just cracks us up is he always looks like he is smiling. He is such a good cat especially with Phoebe just like Puffy they let her play with them and don’t care if she carries them around. Paddy fits in with all our Peas: Pete, Pyper, Phoebe, and Puffy….

So welcome to our home Paddy! We love you! Now lets talk about the no felines in the sink rule…..

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