Girl Scout Swaps

I keep reading about these swaps and thanks to Pinterest I see TONS of ideas.  I also happen to have a million and one craft supplies to do many swaps.  SO friends, troop leaders, moms and dads of scouts.  Let me know if you are interested in a swap with our troop.  We would love to do it!


5 thoughts on “Girl Scout Swaps

  1. My brownie troop is going to have a mascot this year! Uni the Unicorn (to go along with their troop crest). We plan to try to start sending him out to visit other troops after Spring Break 2013 (after all the girls have had a chance to spend some time with him in their homes between meetings). Would your troop be interested in hosting Uni?

  2. My troop is just starting (Still getting a hold of all the parents) but I’d love to do a swap! Let me know if you are still wanting to do swaps!:-)

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