Mom of 2 Peas plus one

Sunday January 15, 2012:

It was just another Sunday visiting with Gramps, Pyper stayed with Chad at home so this trip it was just me and the little one.  Phoebe loves her one on one time with him and Uncle Ben so she was in heaven. 

Soon after we arrived we got a call from my sister, to make a long story short we decided on this day that it was in my Mom’s best interest to move in with me and my little family.  I admit I wasn’t surprised or shocked my sister had taken my Mom the day of my Gram’s funeral to live with her and her family (8 hours aways) a year and a half ago.  She hadn’t been with Mom like my brother and I had she had no idea what to expect and what was all involved.  My sister hadn’t lived close to home since she was 18 and now approaching 40 (hmmm she may not approve of my putting her age out there) our Gram passes away but not before deciding that my sister was in the best position to care for out Mother.  I love my Gram but I even knew then that I was the one.

Mom moving in with us means some big changes, some little changes but changes none the less.  We only have a three bedroom home so the peas will be getting bunk beds and will share a room.  Mom will get Phoebe’s room and although I just redecorated both their rooms I will have to redecorate again for Mom I’m pretty sure Tangled isn’t her favorite kind of decorations!  

The oldest pea insist we get Gram her own chair to sit in she had one at my grandparent’s house and at my sisters.  She also insist Gram get a padded seat at the dining room because the wood chairs will be to hard on her butt.  I love this child, Chad spoke to her about her Grandma Cheryl coming to live with us and she was excited she has asked every day when is she getting here.  She can’t wait to color with her and do crafts like they did before she moved away.  Thank God that they are young enough to adapt to change. They don’t care that they have to share a bedroom or that they have to share a bathroom with Grandma they just can’t wait to have her here.

When my Mom first fell ill in 1984 my Grandparents didn’t flinch to take in all 4 of us, I am forever grateful for them.  I want to live my life as much as I can to make them proud So to take my Mom in and care for her well….I didn’t flinch.  The one thing my Gram made us promise was to not let her be put into a home we will not let that happen as long as one of us kids can help it.  So as my brother cares for my Gramps in his own home I will take care of Mom in mine.  Growing up we all lived in a cape cod all 6 of us!  So for 5 to live in my home will be cozy and manageable.  Who knows maybe one day Chad and I can afford to get a place with more room but for now we will be great. 

For my Sis I know this is hard for you, you did an amazing job with Mom,  you got her off more than half the medication she was taking, she dropped some much need weight and she was happy; but we all know how much she missed Grandpa and the rest of the family.  You are doing the right thing by letting her go.  But you should always be proud of what you accomplished with her.

Mom will miss my sister and her grandbabies (and their little pug too) like crazy but that’s what Skype is for (-: and she will have to get used to cats because I know one cat that will LOVE her LOL (-:

So to close this post February is approaching fast and I have a lot of work to do to get prepared for our Plus one but I have an amazing husband and children and we are ready (well emotionally anyway that paperwork….that’s another post)!

Be sure to follow my other blog once I get it up and running it will be all about our adventures with Mom.

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