The Youngest Peas First Interview (or as we like to call it….pink)

As you all know every year I give Pyper a birthday interview I love seeing how her answers change each year and thought it would b e something she would laugh at later in life. Today Phoebe turned three!  What a great age to start the interview, right?  Well you tell me……

What is your favorite color?  “pink or blue”  great start !

What’s your favorite song right now? “pink” do you know what a song is? it’s what we sing in the car what do you like to sing in the car?   “the happy song”

How about your favorite tv shows??  “pink”  Phoebe what do you like to watch on tv?    “Dora”

and your favorite movie?  “Cinderella” she sure understood that one!

what about a book? “Dora” awesome!

What do you like to do at Jessica’s??  “play a happy song”  I’ll ask what song that is tomorrow ….

Phoebe, What is your favorite thing about sissy?  “pink” I am seeing a trend here….

your favorite game?? “um Cinderella” I must look into this game I’ve never heard of it maybe she means when I call her Cinderella and let her vacuum with the little vac (she loves it I swear!)

What about Pete and Puff???  “they pee in the potty”   um?

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?? “to pee in the potty” well she is doing that very well lately!

If you could get rid of one food forever never to see it again what food would that be??? “I like Grove City”  I think I lost her here

If you could meet someone famous who would it be?  “I don’t know” it is a tough question

What is your favorite memory? “OH pink” I’m not even bothering to explain at this point it’s too funny the way it is!

Would you rather go to the doctor or the dentist?  “dentist” well your wish will come true now that you are three!

When you look at the clouds what do you think of ? “pink” fair enough

If Daddy had a boat and let you name it what would you call it? “pink” he may not like that one but OK

And last but not least the famous ….What do you want to be when you grow up?  “a princess bed”  you mean a princess? “a princess bed mommy like my new bed” ok then….

So maybe three years old is a little too soon for the annual interview but it was worth a shot!!

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