First Day of School Featuring: Hot Air Balloons!

August 27th was Py’s first day of school she was starting First Grade in a new school and even gets to ride the bus.  She went to kindergarten at the same place she had been in Pre-K since she was three and a half so this day was sort of a big deal!   She was so excited, she made sure her clothes were laid out told me she wanted to pack her first day, you know in case they were having peas for lunch there. 

When we went outside to wait for the bus what did we see?

While Py was a tad nervous or excited…Phoebe was loving what we saw….

Hot Air Balloons!   Since it was also my birthday Chad asked what I wanted to do, I wanted to go to the Balloons and Tunes not far from the house as you can see!  That was something to look forward to after school.  After watching the balloons for a few minutes we went to the corner to catch the bus.  Luckily her friend was riding the bus too so she wasn’t alone and yes that made this Mommy feel a TON better!  She was so comfortable with her friend that she didn’t even say goodbye she ran for that bus got on and sat in the front seat,  looked out at me with the biggest grin she was in heaven.   The funny thing is I had a long talk about how she couldn’t be shy and Mommy couldn’t go with her but the bus was going to be fun and she would make new friends.  My talk after seeing her get on that bus like a pro was out the window and that’s ok!

All day I was a nervous wreck, did Py make friends? did she talk to much? did she talk too little? did she like her lunch?  Did she like her teacher, the bus driver the bus???  I even missed my exit coming home thinking about it!   I got home just in time even sat in the garage for a few minutes until my neighbor came out to pick up her daughter.

When she got off the bus she had an extra back pack seems she won a drawing from meet the teacher day! and it was HEAVY full of all kinds of fun stuff.  Needless to say that just made her day better once we got in the house she had a snack then off to play until Daddy got home so we could go to the festival.

Phoebe loved the balloons most of all Py was excited to play in the kids area, so Daddy took Py to play and Phoebe and I enjoyed all the balloons.

I got some pretty balloons shots I wish I could have gotten closer!


The next day we were playing in the back yard with Phoebe (Py was out front with her friends) when they went up again and right over our house!  Phoebe waved and everyone that went over head was sweet enough to wave back (-:


So close to us!

We had a great two days with the beginning of a new school, new friends and a bus she loves.  Then to top it all off the hot air balloons.  If you ever have a balloon fest in your area you need to go they are just amazing to see!   Phoebe especially loved them, she seemed genuinely excited with each balloon that she saw and I can’t wait to see them again!


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