I Heart Faces: Photojournalism Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge for IHeartFaces.com is photojournalism….their defenition for this challenge is “Using an image (or images) to tell a story”. 

I chose one image to tell this story:  

The story of the elusive red-haired  MeerPYsle, as sly as the weasel, feisty as the Meerkat with the ting of a fiery temper like that of  the mink.   Little if anything can get this beautiful creature to come out of her hole but we were lucky enough to catch that moment.  A moment like none other, do you see the curly red mane? the blue eyes? the fashion forward shades…wait what?  since when does the MeerPy wear sunglasses?  Oh yes paparazzi must be prepared for the flash bulbs of all those on the hunt for the perfect picture of the perfect creature with the perfect curls.  How did we manage to get this rare shot?  Well we can’t give away our secrets but we will give you one hint…Beiber.

We are very happy to share this rare find with all of you and would suggest that you check out all the other stories at IHeartFaces.com!

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