Memories Scrapbooking Expo 2010

I had such a blast at the Expo this year;  it’s my fourth year and this one was by far the best!

Friday I went  with my friend Lillian and we might have spent too much …. might have LOL I mean we will use it all right???

Our best find of the day was a make and take at the ScrapDazzle booth.  Lillian and I transformed a blank 12″ composition book into a beautiful composition book, best part it was only $4~!


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I started to write in it already too! I decided the girls say so many cute things that I would just randomly write them down all scattered through the book maybe a picture here and there.  I just loved it!  Visit their website at the family that ran the booth and the business was super nice and everything we bought there were reasonably priced.  I got chalk that looks like a tiny ink pad to add the touches you see here on the flowers and fast drying glitter glue called stickles I didn’t use it here but I used my own later on a make and take from a different vendor!

Next we ran to the Create & Craft booth they were having you make Asian inspired cards, Lillian make a cute little girl looking at the moon and I made this….

They were very sweet and they are having a class in their store in April that I can not wait to go to.  Visit their website at see the A 3D Family Photo Tree that they are having a class for!  Would the look it’s awesome (-:

Lillian and I did a lot of walking around getting ideas and good buys we were so inspired! We can’t wait to make a day to scrap!

On Saturday I went with my friend Lisa we had scheduled two classes  and  knew by walking around and doing the make and takes with Lillian what we needed to do… So once we got in we ran to the ScrapDazzle booth I knew she would like the book we made the day before and to my surprise….they were doing another smaller version of the book for only $2!

We did use the stickles in this flower and they had us make a bookmark too!  This time the owners daughter was the teacher a cute little tween that knew her stuff (-:

We then took our first class it was kind of hard but such a different kind of scrapbook the class was put on by Scrapscription and it was pretty cool.  Our instructor was great but an hour for this particular class wasn’t quite enough ….Visit them here Here’s the canvas mini book called Take 5 the instructor was the designer as well and she has some pretty awesome ideas.

Here is what we achieved in this class:


We loved this class Lisa even discovered the Crop – O – Dile and went out and bought it that day … I can’t wait to get one too! 

Then we ran around and looked for more cool make and takes and she found one!   We ended up at the Close to My Heart booth and made these awesome picture holders.  You can visit the  independent sales agent that ran this booth at her website 

On this make and take I did add a little when I got home I added another flower over the white they gave us I used the stickles that I got at the convention and added a brad and a few more ribbons.  The make and take was good but I liked to add just a little more to make it even better!

After we walked around and ate popcorn and Diet Coke…..we made one last make and take and I stunk at it…..

It was from The Paper Cut and I did purchase paper and a book there they had the most unbelievable cards and projects on display.  You NEED to look at this website for sure …..

Here is my attempt at an Easter pouch…..I just don’t do stamping very well at all I should have taken a picture of Lisa’s her’s was perfect!

We had such a good time and had one last class to go…..Making a List….

It was put on by Scrapbook artist Mary Kemock, to be honest the class was good but we paid $20.00 and then a $5.oo for supplies it was a bit pricey for what we did but it is a great idea!

You are simply decorating a steno notebook I made mine a food diary so I can write down everything I eat and hope to start being responsible for what passes these lips and lose some much-needed pounds.  I plan on making another one this weekend for my friend Laura as she plans her wedding.  Now let’s see if she reads my blog and knows it’s her!  you can go here and click on all the vendors links if you would like to visit and get some really different and cool supplies not to mention some really good ideas and inspirations.

Here are a few of my favorite vendors from the show:

3 Birds – these ladies were amazing and so inexpensive for such awesome things! they sold out of almost everything before the show was even over!

Dillon’s Laser Designs – I buy from them every year they are so different and make the coolest designs I will post some scrap pages soon and I will make sure I mention them again.

Eyelet Outlet – need I say more! I always stock up and they are the home of the Quicklet eyelets you can quietly set with a pen!

EZ Laser Designs – Between Dillon’s and these guys your all set 

ScrapDazzle – Of course! I loved everything this family owned web-based store has to offer the make and takes alone were enough to make me a customer for life.

Simply Stitched – Last year they about bankrupted me! I love the layouts they came up with and wish I could stitch as well as they do just amazing.

and many many more!



(if you are having a hard time seeing the pictures click on it to make it all you seee I know with some computers it cuts them in half)

2 thoughts on “Memories Scrapbooking Expo 2010

  1. I don’t think my Easter pouch was anywhere near perfect, but I have learned from the convention and through working with Jamie that you don’t need to be perfect when scrapping or making crafts.

    1. That’s right! Scrapping is whatever YOU want it to be (-: Lets get together next weekend if you aren’t busy!~

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