10 things I have learned while driving in Columbus OHIO

10 – turn signals are over rated

9 – a yellow light means go faster and/or tail the person in front of you clearly you run a red light but it doesn’t count if you look like you are one with the car in front of you.

8 – Southwestern City School bus drivers are wonderful

7 – there only needs to be a foot between cars for another one to merge in between them

6 – speed limit is at least 75

5 – two Dublin cops take their coffee breaks with each other on 270 at 4:45 pm

4 – you are not anybody until you have a vanity license plate

3 – cutting people off at 270/70 split is a morning ritual

2 – if you use your turn signal it is customary for the car that was once four car lengths away in the lane you were going into speeds up and blocks you

1 –  throwing one’s hands up in the air is not as effective as road rage but there is less damage to your car!

Ah sarcasm ……

Friends I thought that I would never drive again after my first week here I work downtown and its messy out there.  I have never ran into so much rudeness and total disregard for other drivers.  Four years later still amazed at how badly some drivers can be!  I just hope that I am not turning into one of those drivers !~