10 things I have learned while driving in Columbus OHIO

10 – turn signals are over rated

9 – a yellow light means go faster and/or tail the person in front of you clearly you run a red light but it doesn’t count if you look like you are one with the car in front of you.

8 – Southwestern City School bus drivers are wonderful

7 – there only needs to be a foot between cars for another one to merge in between them

6 – speed limit is at least 75

5 – two Dublin cops take their coffee breaks with each other on 270 at 4:45 pm

4 – you are not anybody until you have a vanity license plate

3 – cutting people off at 270/70 split is a morning ritual

2 – if you use your turn signal it is customary for the car that was once four car lengths away in the lane you were going into speeds up and blocks you

1 –  throwing one’s hands up in the air is not as effective as road rage but there is less damage to your car!

Ah sarcasm ……

Friends I thought that I would never drive again after my first week here I work downtown and its messy out there.  I have never ran into so much rudeness and total disregard for other drivers.  Four years later still amazed at how badly some drivers can be!  I just hope that I am not turning into one of those drivers !~

4 thoughts on “10 things I have learned while driving in Columbus OHIO

  1. Haahaa! Try moving to the south where everything is in slow motion! I can walk faster than some of these people drive. I see some of the same people and they are driving around paying attention to anything except the road going 45 in a 65 and thats in the fast lane!

  2. LOL! Jamie, this reminds me of when I started working downtown in Indianapolis. (All your rules apply, plus one->
    I-65 is training grounds for the Indy 500). It got to the place where I was such a nervous wreck by the time I got to work, that I found a different way to go using city streets to drive 96 blocks south from our apt. It took a little longer, but I was more productive at work. 🙂

    1. Oh I know Road Rage! just have the kids in the car most the time and have to contain it. I just think no wonder there are so many accidents with the dinks that drive like this. And it was no joke the school bus drivers are just as bad! they whiz through our subdivision like there at the races! needless to say neither of my little peeps will be riding the bus.

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