Mom of 2 Peas and The Nosy Smartphone

So we have all heard that out smartphones listen in….how else do social media sites like my FB page and Insta give me ads about something I LITERALLY spoke about ten minutes earlier??? They target you with the hopes that you’ll buy whatever they are selling….well guess what….

Shhhhh they can hear you……

I did!

It all started when our little Sid Vicious decided he could be Houdini and remove himself from every harness I have ever purchased for him. Not only would he do his magic tricks but he would walk so hard that he would choke himself out by pulling in the leash when we tried to walk him. We have been with Sid for TWO years and I had tried different harnesses I bought online or in stores that were supposed to keep him from choking none worked. The red one below that ring on his chest was supposed to keep him from pulling it was meant to make him turn all it did was make him fall and get tangled and then he had one arm out and could have ran. Yes this furbaby id a runner he loves to chase the nemesis …. squirrel.

I would let him out on his lead (we don’t have a fence) He rolled in the grass until his arm got through the hole and boom he’s out!

Well nosey FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM heard my plight and thought I should try I debated for months and for months it just kept popping up even when I was reading articles on YAHOO it was the cute little corner ad. Then they got me….a limited edition Halloween harness.

Yes I went ahead and spent the $39.99 plus shipping and handling (ended up like $55.00?) the most I ever spent on a dang harness BUT if it worked it would be worth every penny and I had to try Sid needs walked not carried around all the time to keep from choking.

The two side rings are to keep him from pulling he will just walk in a circle back to me not forward if he pulls. They are just for training purposed so eventually he stops pulling all together.

First I went to YouTube to make sure I put it on correctly there are lots of videos from people rating them and yes they were all good. Let me say this harness is the easiest one I have ever put on once you get it fitting well taking it off and on is a cinch!

Could the nosy advertising people on my phone know what they are doing? Maybe….. I mean they did this time!

I could not be any happier with this harness and NO I’m not being paid I don’t have a secret code for you to get $ off but it seems to me they are always on sale! I just want to share how much this harness has helped my little punk be able to breath when we walk him and not choke out because that was scary for the peas and me; as you know he doesn’t like other dogs he loves cats but dogs…no so when we walk him he pulls harder to get to them not anymore Pugs Life has kept him from getting hurt because this little thinks he is big LOL and could be taken down with one bite from the dogs he tried to intimidate.

See the difference above? The Pugs Life is a heavy duty velcro and yes it stands up to the pull and never comes apart the old one squeezed hard when he would pull. I think you get the idea by now….

He is pretty happy too we don’t have to keep it on all day because it it so easy to take off and on and our little guy likes to be naked LOL

So if you are in need of an amazing harness that won’t hurt your favorite pup I suggest this one from Pug Life. Let me know how it works for you if you do!

Meet Sid …

We took the plunge after years of begging and the loss of our old man Pete (our 16 year old cat) I decided that maybe a dog would be good for us.  It would get us moving more, get outside to walk a lot , rescue of a fur baby and dog parks! So many dog parks!.  

I got in contact with a rescue that did not have a building for the dogs but only fostered and adopted out that way.  It was a lot of paper work and visits to the house with all these other crazy stipulations. And that was not the only rescue like that I honestly got intimidated and one point understood why people just bought dog from a pet store (I know shame on me right?)  But honestly the adoption fee through this particular agency was $350 – $500 depending on the age ect.. etc..

Still…..I met up with the foster lady 45 minutes out of my way at a pet store, the dog, a Jack Russell mix had no interest in me and we just didn’t click.  The foster mom was super nice and talkative told me all about the dog; she was jumpy and small and looked like she needed a salon ASAP the dog not the mom.  The girls were excited they knew that this was my first visit then they get to visit then the house visit. They call 4 references, your vet, your landlord, the doctor that was there at your birth, blood sample, ss # and your old high school teachers all to make sure you are a good fit.  Because as you know all the super nice and caring foster people are apparently also are a judge and counselor.  (BIG eye roll) That seems like a lot of pressure to place on a loving soul that just wants to help the animals. ANYWAY….

I came to work the next day and told my two friends who saw immediately this was not the dog for us…..she ignored me after all and I had her leash!  It was hard but she was in foster care so I felt better about passing I send an email to the foster mom and explained I didn’t think she was a good fit with out family.  She thanked me for being honest and told me with such a good head on my shoulders about adopting a dog we would be a great family for whomever we saved.  That made me feel so much better because I felt a lot of guilt.

My friend Traci knew we needed a small dog and not a puppy but a younger dog she looked at all the shelter around us our County shelter seems to only have Pit Bulls up on their website which is whatever but we couldn’t get a big dog.  I came to the conclusion that all the small dogs get adopted pretty quickly since being in a metropolis with lots of apartments those are apartment size dogs.  Which brings us to….the Ross County Humane Society….Traci sent me two pictures of small chihuahua mixes they were both adorable one female one male. I went that Saturday…..we asked to see the dogs and were pointed to a room with 10 (I think) cages it was quiet until we opened the door.  Then a rush of barking took over I immediately saw the one we asked to take him out and it was love at first sight.  He was great with the shelter cat in the hallway and was excited to go outside then rushed to get us back inside as if he said ok Mom sign me out!

So I did it literally took less than 30 minutes to fill out one form, get his chip and make an appointment to get neutered.  $132 included the surgery and his license, all I needed was his rabies shot which we got that Thursday when he went to get neutered.

I did get him a license for our county too ….

So ladies and Gentleman meet our punk rock dog …… Sid Vicious


He was so happy on that long ride home 🙂 

He fits right in with our little family, we walked him so much the first day we had him he planted himself under out front bushes and didn’t want to go anymore LOL 


The next day we took him to a dog park…then walked around downtown Grove City and even got him his own ice cream 🙂 

He is a cuddler…

I think he picked his favorite SHHHHH …

We have found that he is not fond of other dogs or squirrels and his arch nemesis is a pigeon that sits just beyond where he can reach and mocks him. 


He loves people though we just need to work on his jumps and over-licking! 


Then there is this guy…

They get along just fine really but stubborn Paddy refused to be in the same room although he did stalk here on the stairs or in the hall way.  Today almost a month later though we have gotten to this!  My friend Traci said they look like Garfield and Odie…. ha yes they do! 

So now we are a family of one dog, one cat and one beautiful blue fish 🙂

***Update Periwinkle the Blue Beta has left the fish bowl she was a beauty and will be missed***