Two Peas and a Camera


The girls and I love taking pictures of just about everything and on this day we wanted to be outside in the beautiful weather taking pictures at the Topiary Park downtown. 

So we grabbed the back pack with snacks, the red & white sheet and took off again.

It was a Saturday where they had an event happening they call it the 

PBJ & Jazz Family Concert Series  

Every Saturday in the summer~

You can see what other events they offer here:

We had parked around the block and walked over passing some amazing buildings that they would take pictures of on our way back.


It didn’t take long for Pyper to jump right in taking pictures of the water features.

So we walked around to the area without all the kids but could still hear the music, there were people walking and talking, a cute couple on a date having a picnic and even a table with people from the city doing crafts with the tiny kids.  Pyper saw a tree and immediately ran to take pictures, she even caught me on the outside watching her take pictures inside the leaves.


I am not a fan of how I look (turns out there are no make me look younger and slimmer filters on this camera LOL on another note I am trying to work out and moisturize bahahaha) but you can see Phoebe behind me on our striped sheet in the perfect spot just taking in all the people, ducks and topiary creations around her waiting for her turn with the camera.

Of course we had to take a selfie inside the tree!

She caught us observing her photography techniques 🙂

She might have caught me taking her picture too ~


Pyper’s pics:

Phoebe waited OH SO PATIENTLY but she went second because lets face it we knew she wouldn’t be giving the camera back to sis so easily~ !


Phoebe focused on the topiaries, flowers and the signs she absolutely loves this can’t wait to do this again with the fall leaves.


I had to keep an eye on her but she wanted space….just like her sister she caught me watching…..but that’s my job!



Phoebe’s pics:

My turn! I thought it was a great day to get pics of the girls too they looked beautiful personalities shining through with what they decided to wear out that day.

The doll on the other hand …. “Phoebe Can I take a few without your doll?”

We moved over to the other side and got silly it was almost 90 degrees and we had been here for about four hours they might have been getting tired, so we busted out the snacks and chilled under a tree 🙂

As you all know we are Girl Scouts maybe not your typical Scouts but Scouts none the less meaning we bring the back pack it has the trusty first aid kit and ice packs just in case!  Well the ice packs come in super handy when the girls get super hot. We were glistening that day that’s for sure.


Phoebe laid comfortably under the tree and actually took some pretty amazing shots….

Some randoms who ever wasn’t in it took it 🙂 !

On our way back to the car shenanigans !~

We took so many pictures I am going to make the girls books so they can look at all the great pictures they took and they can only get better!

img_3972  for directions and events, tours and to donate!

Mom of 2 Peas….Brownie Co-Leader!

October 2010 the oldest Pea joined the Girl Scouts, she was so excited! Her leaders were awesome Abby is the mom of one of her classmates and Jo is a Grandma to two of the scouts.  Our first meeting the parents filled out a thousand forms it seemed and paid the dues.

Py was having so much fun, she got her Safety Patch and a new helmet and visited the Fire Station in the first month.  (I got to go too)

When January rolled around it was Cookie time and I text Abby to see when we would get our order forms there were already people selling at work.  unfortunately, there was a death in her family and our meeting was cancelled.  Jo claimed the same and no they aren’t related never met until they started the Troop.

The next meeting was in February now we were behind with the cookie sales and even missed an opportunity for the girls to win prizes with the initial orders.  I then got a text from Abby that the parents needed to be at the next meeting for what I assumed to be direction for the cookie sale…..Boy was I wrong.

Apparently, Jo the co-leader had never turned in the girls membership forms along with the forms the money.  Therefore, our girls were not a Troop.  Jennifer from Council came in to explain to the parents that we were not an official troop and with this being said we could not sell cookies until we were.  Also, the girls needed another leader to work with Abby or there could not be a troop.  The look on Abby’s face the whole time Jennifer spoke was heartbreaking so I volunteered.  Yes, me….the woman who works full time has a 7 year old and a 3 year old pea whose mentally disabled Mom just came to live with her family…..volunteered.  What the heck was I thinking? I thought about becoming a leader at the initial sign ups for Girl Scouts because so many girls needed a troop but I thought maybe next year.  Nope, this year it is and I have to say…..I absolutely love it I think I was born to do this co-leading with Abby.  Abby is awesome when most people would have prosecuted Jo for taking off with the Troops money she kept giving her a chance to give it back.  Eventually, Jo did give the money back but not ALL of it.  I hope it was worth it to her for less than $200.00 and all the supplies to disappoint 12 little girls 2 of them who never came back to the troop because she was their Grandmother. Shame on you Jo.

Now as for me I have jumped in head first, Dad of 2 Peas has been amazing while I attended meetings and training in a rush to get leader status so we could sell our cookies and become a troop.  Without him I couldn’t do all this he takes good care of Mom and the youngest Pea while the oldest and I do out Girl Scout things.

So here we are and I am super happy to say this is the best, Abby is wonderful we think alike and have the girls first attitude.  She has become a great friend and I look forward to all our adventure in Girl Scouting! There is nothing we can’t do together!