A First Birthday Party

Our little girl turned one, so hard to believe it feels like we just brought that tiny bundle of joy home.   She turned one on September 11th and we had her party with friends and family on the 12th.  I also had her pictures taken in a bee costume, Pyper was a butterfly fairy for her first bday so I had to dress Phoebe up as to equally embarrass them when they are older (-:



I planned for her to have a garden party so just like her sister before her I made flowers for decorations and put her picture in the center one for each month she has been with us and if it was a first…you know first smile, first halloween, christmas etc…..



I made a bee hive that said little bees room for the bathroom door!   I love my cricut!



We decorated in all flowers and ones! We had one mints and little pink rubber duckies with a one on them just because they were cute!   I had a banner outside saying happy first birthday phoebe but Chad took it down before I could get a picture….now he knows better than that!



Phoebe loved having Penny and her day care friends there, they were mostly ALL boys are we in trouble or what! 


 The Cake !!


Time to eat the cake! Phoebe was again just like her sister…..dainty at first then I stuck her whole hand in the cake, and this little pea left it there and started the dainty with the other hand!! It took awhile but she got it!


 Ah you know, you just want to see the good stuff so here it is!




Sharing taste with her cousins and big sissy!~


Some milk and then cleaned up and a new dress on for present time!


I asked my sister in law Dawn to help Phoebe with her gifts the girls absolutely love her and she looks WAY better in pictures than I do!



 It started to get to be overwhelming so she ran to Penny!  and waited until later to open more presents….



After most the guest left we tried the presents again…..



She did great with the bags….and decided it was better to just sit on the boxes (-:



It was a great day and I still can’t believe Phoebe Simone is one!   We all look forward to this next year as she is learning to walk and talk more every day and if she is like sissy we will never get a word in edgewise! 


3 thoughts on “A First Birthday Party

  1. Jamie, Phoebe is just too cute! Love the cake pictures, but especially love the little white dress she was wearing after that. So pretty! You are blessed indeed, my friend.

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