4 thoughts on “Rock Star birthday party….

  1. You could rent a karaoke machine or buy some of those toy microphones from the dollar store and let them sing along to her favorite songs from each group she likes. (Karaoke might be hard since she and her little friends can’t read yet, huh? ) My kids love the toy microphones. Not sure how they work because they’re not electronic at all, but I think they echo because they are hollow inside. Buy a funny pink wig and have them dress up like Cindi Lauper then take all their pictures to include in your thank-you notes. (I always thought her “look” was really fun.)

  2. Great ideas! We could do the karaoke with the regular cds more like a sing along. Also I was on Ebay for ideas and saw Staff tshirts for concert security I am making Chad wear one HA!

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