Spring Break 2017 Tuesday

Next on our week of fun we were heading to Hocking Hills and if you follow this blog you know we are some GORP loving girls!  So we made a peanut butter mix for the trip on Monday night.  Not very colorful but very yummy! 

Next morning we packed our lunches grabbed our hiking boots, the waters, the backpack full of everything we needed and took off to The Rock House.  


Just like wanting to hit all the central Ohio parks to hike, we want to hit all the Hocking Hills areas too.  The Rock House looked pretty amazing and well……it was.  

Phoebe and I climbed everything we could BUT Py has a new-found fear of slipping  and instead chose to stay at the bottom and watch ….and start the Phoebe Near Death Count as we do when we go hiking.

Once we reached the inside of one of the rocks it was just as awesome as I had hoped.

Did  I mention it was dark in there??

We stayed in there awhile Phoebe and I climbed up and Py took some really bad pictures that will never be released  LOL ! 


We climbed back out and found ourselves on the other side of the park! We had to walk a couple of miles up these kiddos were getting tired good thing we had GORP ! 

Once we got up that crazy hill we ate our lunch and Phoebe hid her gnome in places just to take fun pictures. She is creative that’s for sure!

After lunch we decided that we would head over to Old Man’s Cave it was still early and we still had GORP after all! 


I admit so far this part of the park is my favorite for the photo ops 🙂 

At this point we have been here so often we knew just where to go, you know for more pics ….

When the girls got to far in front of me I yelled Stop……Hammer Time and yeah they did it….HAHA!

Check another fun day off the books it was time to get our muddy selves home. 

Go here http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/hockinghills to map out your trip to HH ~ 

PS. Phoebe’s near death count 11 (if you read the blog you know Py freaks out every time Pheebs get fearless) and as she (Phoebe) is watching me type this blog tonight she would like to add that Pyper had a trip count of 5 or 7…… 🙂 

Stay tuned for Spring Break 2017 Wednesday….the Zoo! 

Welcome to Gnomeywood, USA

It all started with Phoebe’s little rock collection that grew to not so little!  She never played with her sand box so we got rid of the sand so it wouldn’t get gross and moldy and used that for her collection.  Well it wasnt too long until that thing got full, she even had Pyper helping her collect and they just got bigger and bigger!


After watching her play with rocks in our back yard a dozen times we decided to get creative, so I let the girls paint them.

IMAG5459We even had the pea’s friends painting rocks!

IMAG5800 - CopyThat’s when I started to paint them too….the whole thing just spiraled out of control!

IMAG5469These we lined our flower garden with…but she couldn’t play with them!  SO….

IMAG5595we made a house….

IMAG5986With as pool (-: !

IMAG5596the sun…

IMAG5785Pyper wanted a Peace house ….


Phoebe wanted a garden that looked just like her real one too!  and it did not stop there…


We did a Packer house because next year she wants to be a packer cheerleader like Pyper! …


Gnome Depot anyone??? and you can’t have a Gnome Depot without….


A gnome associate! and he needed friends to party with so….

IMAG5597The needed means of transportation too

IMAG5988So that they could drive to Gnomeywood!


Population 11 with more to move in summer of 2013.

IMAG6101Come back soon!