The oldest pea’s 6th year interview…..

As I sit here tonight the day after elections the worst possible scenario for my family came true and an uncertainly future ahead of us. (update Chad lost his job as we knew he would so pray for us to get through this!)  I surfed Facebook and had nothing to say. Then the girls annual cookie party was cancelled do to busy families not being able to come just another disappointment today.    So in my pity and tears I started to clean (as I do) and found Pyper’s 6 year old interview papers, we did an interview last year (year 5) playing around and I said to myself then – I want to do this every year.    Reading it made me laugh a little, cry a little more and just realize I had to pull it together for my peas.  Everything is going to be alright I am married to wonderful man who will work his tail off to keep this family going.  SO I know you are all curious so here it is….


What is your favorite color?       “Pink of course !”  of course

What’s your favorite song right now?  “that Justin Beiber song with that other boy”  for the record it’s Sean Kingston and the song is called Eenie Meenie

How about your favorite tv shows??  “iCarly still and Big Time Rush”  which surprised me because she never really wants to watch BTR but loves iCarly and most Disney shows like Good Luck Charlie.

and your favorite movie?  “How to Train Your Dragon” which we coincidentally watched the weekend before and we did love this film we both teared up at the end!

what about a book?   “I like Chrysanthemum, Mom” Oh I never  heard of that book what’s it about? “a mouse” what about a mouse “a mouse that’s named after a flower”  Oh ok got it

What is your best subject in school??  “spelling”  ok, she is in a very high reading level and gets frustrated when we try to get her to spell too much so this was not the answer I thought I would get but maybe if it’s her best she will try better right??

OK Py, What is your favorite thing about sissy?  “she loves me” and daddy “he plays with me” and MOMMY?????  “you play games with me”  and your favorite game?? “sheep!” 

What about Pete and Puff??? “they lick my toes and it tickles”  silly girl

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?? “Disney!!!!!!!”  she screamed this by the way; so cute, we went when she was 3 and a half and I think she will never forget she loved it!

Ok Py lets get to the nitty gritty of this interview…..

If you could get rid of one food forever never to see it again what food would that be??? “easy mom….onions”  I agree Py lets move on.

If you could meet someone famous who would it be?  “Demi” why?? “she is nice” she loves Demi Lovato her voice, her show and Disney movies. 

What is your favorite memory?  “being born” really you remember that?? “yep” hmmmm that one is suspicious but OK

Would you rather go to the doctor or the dentist?  “I would rather go to the dentist because he cleans your teeth”   She does have a pretty cool dentist too

When you look at the clouds what do you think of ?? “Sheep”  me too!

If Daddy had a boat and let you name it what would you call it? “what do  mean mommy” if we could name it like a cat and paint the name on the side what you call it?? “Jess” why Jess “I don’t know” good enough.

And last but not least the famous ….What do you want to be when you grow up? 

She opened her mouth and said the sweetest thing …..

“I want to be a doctor because of gram, because if my parents are going to die I want to fix them” that is word for word and made me pretty proud.. 

and with that my bad day started to look up.  It’s so fun having our yearly interview and all the time I am writing in a journal the funny things my girls say just to show them when they are older.   I hope you enjoyed getting to know this little pea a little better!


3 thoughts on “The oldest pea’s 6th year interview…..

  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the bravery
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

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