As most of my friends and family know Pyper has suffered from febrile seizures since a few days before her first birthday.   We have went through several strenuous test that just broke her Daddy and I’s heart watching her be so brave.  For a slight second it was thought to be epilepsy, fortunately for Pyper it was not.  Although, she is not epileptic she did get a seizure everytime she hada fever up until last May.  We are going on a year now seizure free!  and unlike epilepsy febrile seizure you can grow out of.  I ran across this website while reading an interview with Greg Grunberg, he is an actor currently starring in Heroes and he has a son with sever epilepsy.  He recently underwent a successful surgery to remove part of his brain that were causing the most seizures (he was having close to 100 a day now he has a few a week now that is success!) .   Greg started this website to get people to talk about it, not to be afraid of the disease but to be educated on epilepsy.  I see it as across the board, Py has had seizures at the day cares she has been in and all we could think was I hope the kids weren’t traumatized.  Maybe if parents and friends talked about it and understood it the fear would disappear. So my friends……TALK ABOUT IT.

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