Two Peas and Our First Hocking Hills Day Trip

I have lived in Ohio all my life and never visited Hocking Hills, always wanted to but for some reason always thought it was so far away.  I didn’t realize when we moved to Grove City eleven years ago that it was literally an hour and ten minutes away.

So off we went!

We wanted to make this a summer of outdoor fun hiking, running and playing at different parks so we ran to Gander Mountain and bought new hiking boots (and yes those are my oldest daughters boots she is now 7 inches taller than her mama), to Kroger for the our trail mix ingredients and got ready for an amazing day at this beautiful park!

Phoebe loved making the mix the night before.  The day we went we got up super early, I got the backpack together the first aid kit and sheet we use to sit or lay out to eat, Pyper made all the sandwiches and got the chips together.  We grabbed our cameras so the girls could take pictures and water bottles then got on the road!  (did I mention it was early like 7:30 early see our morning faces LOL So we stopped for hot chocolates and chai latte to wake our butts up on the way).


It was beautiful outside not too hot and as sunny as can be we could not have asked for a better day.

We changed into our hiking boots when we got there.

Once we tied our boots we were on a mission you see I follow Ohio Explored on Instagram  if you don’t follow them you really should they have the most beautiful pics and ideas where to visit close to home.  I just want to visit every single spot but the ones from Hocking Hills were always being posted and Old Man’s Cave looked like the spot.  Not to mention of friend of mine took his kids there and they loved it he told me about the Devil’s Bathtub so we had to find that! (note we found it and never took a picture! next time we will!)


The girls were in heaven they were in awe of the views, the waterfalls little and big.

I have to say this trip was the best the girl’s got along so well not one mean word to each other we laughed and they even helped each other climb.  Py and I did have a Phoebe near death count I believe we got to 17 she tripped over every root climbed the highest rock ran through the woods like a Sasquatch and hung from a tree way to close to the edge.  Ok maybe not THAT close but if you know me at all that was still too close LOL

Of course we ate lunch there with the BEST view!

After lunch we just kept walking, tripping and laughing 🙂

After about 6 hours of hiking we were spent and super hot and sweaty (gross) so boots off flip flops on and back on the road!


But on our way out we found an ice cream place !

Then we found an off road flea market place with tons of junk!

Once they found those rocking chairs and sat down we were completely done ….practically carrying the Pheebs to the car they were both out like a light not ten minutes down the road.  And we can not wait to go back now that it’s fall it will be even more beautiful!

Let us know if you’ve been and what part of the hills we would love suggestions for our next visit 🙂

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