Pyper Pea’s 10th Year Interview

Pyper is 10!  


So it’s that time of year again, I can not believe my little pea is 10.  Time has seriously flown by.

 Py loves her interview and was 6 when we started, she read all of them today and just cracked up over herself.  In preparation she said! Gotta love her so here we go!!

Pyper What is your favorite song?  John Legend , All Of Me Why? I don’t really know (and the pre-teen years are starting with these kind of answers LOL)

Who is your best friend?  Everybody, Everybody? Yes, Why? Because I want to be everyone’s friend and I want everyone to be mine.  Not to be left out at all. (I love this kid) 

What is your favorite game at recess?  Swings, my friends and I have contest on how high we can go!

What is your favorite Breakfast food?  Sausage Gravy and Biscuits (now that’s a change)  Lunch? Pizza (Ha brought back from year 7!) How about dinner?? Spaghetti (another year 7 come back!)

OK how about your favorite movie? I want to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, but that wasn’t the question., Yeah I know (ok fine)  and Book?? How to Train Your Dragon, it’s a hard cover chapter book, Yes I know I bought it HAHAHAHAHA right…..(what a goofball)  and your favorite tv show? Psych (Thank you Netflix (-:)  OK how about ice cream ??? what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Reeses Chocolate Peanut Butter, yeah finally a flavor we both like! 

Py what is your least favorite thing? Tomatos, Onions and Asparagus.….how about non food…Bugs. Fair enough

Favorite thing to learn?? Same answer and my same comment! Science  that’s my girl I would like to thank our mutual love of Dr Who (:

What would you do with a million dollars?? I would by everyone gifts, Oh how nice what would you buy Phoebe? A ticket to Michigan, Why Michigan?? To send her on a trip, away, WOW Py really??  

OK quick answers!

What is your favorite:

color – green   smell – roasted marshmallows   clothing – dresses, shape –a heart (finally a shape!! the last few years it’s been a symbol not a shape)

Who is your favorite boy?  Daddy…. why is he your favorite?  Because I love him so much (so sweet) and he is the only boy in the house (still sort of sweet) 

If you were a baby animal what would you be?  A cheetah (same as year 9!) why because its super cute and I love cheetah print (there it is)

OK my favorite question…what is your favorite thing about sissy??  I do love her very much, she can be nice and is super cuddly, would you like to not send her to Michigan then? no, she is still going (oh geez and why Michigan I have no idea)

What is your favorite type of music?  Pop and no not like Diet Coke (she got me)

What is your favorite flavor of gum?  Extra Strawberry Shortcake and the Apple Pie ones,  ME TOO!

I love doing these interviews with her and I know one day she will out grown them, but for now I enjoy the answers.  I see the way things change ( at least 100 more freckles !~ ) and the way the stay the same (that zany hair).  I just love everything about this girl.  Happy Birthday Py, my  first pea I love you so very much!


(you can look back at old post to see her previous interviews)

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