Playroom Redo the Final Touch….A Doll House Redo

I couldn’t keep looking at this cute playhouse that took up so much room in the corner of our newly remade movie themed playroom…and yes it was just TOO pink!

I looked online to see if anyone had done this before I found nothing so I am going to go ahead and proclaim it here this is a FIRST. Ladies and Gentleman a playhouse redo from :



I loved this project, scrapbook paper, LOTS of glue, glue dots and glue runners, the internet and a printer and my imagination.  The only thing I haven;t got done are the theater seats ….. it is coming soon! In the mean time here are some shots of the creative process be sure to stay tuned for the finale!




IMAG9137Again Puff??? It’s a doll house not a cat house!



Clearly Puffy and Paddy just wanted to see the latest flick…

IMAG9789And for the end of my series the Playroom Redo this totally awesome Playhouse Redo complete with drive in movie theater!



IMAG1840 IMAG9817Now they love it in there, they use the new seating and play dress up almost every day  ( well Phoebe mostly) my little movie stars in the making (- :

IMAG1259 IMAG2422 IMAG9851Sometimes I even get performances (-:

So let me know what you think!  leave a comment my peas would love to read them.

Well off to the movies!

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