Playroom Redo Part 4 The Little Things

As I was trying to wrap things up with this redo I looked around the room as saw our little kids table in corner….I needed to spray it I mean I had paint left I couldn’t just throw it our right?? So I painted the little chair and the legs of the table.IMAG6138Why just the legs ? Because I had left over chalk board contact paper that I used for the top; now the kids could draw on it! IMAG6139

It was tough getting the bubbles out but I did it (-: 

IMAG6140  I added a little black lamp, the girls CD player and a popcorn bucket for the remotes and CDs.  Added some film strip frames to make the kids stars in the movie room!


Added a Marquee sign to the Bench starring the Peas


So I was done right??

IMAG2640 IMAG3001 IMAG3009 IMAG3003 IMAG3008

Wrong….see pink was still in a certain place that I just could not have in the movie room……Next up my month long project of a playhouse redo!!!

Say good bye to this:


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