Pyper Pea’s 8 Year Interview

Photo’s on this post are taken by my friend Angela an up and coming photographer. Interested in getting some done for your family?? Let me know and I can pass along the info!

Pyper is 8! I can’t believe it has been 8 years since I gave birth to that beautiful red headed sweetheart. So the time has come for her annual Interview seems like we have been doing these forever and she loves it.  (you can look back at old post to see her previous interviews)

Pyper What is your favorite song?  I’m coming home from the iCarly cast (curiously enough it was the last song she heard in the car today (-: )

Who is your best friend?  I have a ton Mom, Emma, Jillian, Faith, Melody and Lee all my neighbors!

What is your favorite game at recess?  Four Square and Spud….What’s spud?  It’s like Poison Mom …. huh?  (she went into a ten minute explanation and I still do’t have a clue!)

What is your favorite Breakfast food?  Pancakes (some things never change) Lunch? Pizza of course! How about dinner?? Spaghetti (as stated before some things NEVER change!)

OK how about your favorite movie?  Brave for sure …me too! and Book?? Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days…..she read this whole series and the Dork Diaries Series too she loves to read just like her Mommy ***proud*** and your favorite tv show? Good Luck Charlie OK how about ice cream ??? what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I like the tye dye and Superman off the ice cream truck….gross Py… Oh Mom!

Py what is your least favorite thing? tomatoes, onions and asparagus....when have you had asparagus? I haven’t but I don’t like it

Favorite thing to learn?? EVERYTHING!  that’s my girl (:

What would you do with a million dollars?? I would buy a car, a horse and everything I need.….nice apparently year 8 is year of the stingies LOL

OK quick answers!

What is your favorite:

color – blue    smell – cookies    clothing – socks (really?) shape – a star no a peace sign, a peace signs not a shape it’s a symbol Py….fine a star

Who is your favorite boy?  I don’t have one….PY??? Jacob Black he’s not real…so…why is he your favorite?  He is cuuuuuute…I can not refute that.

If you were a baby animal what would you be?  A baby sheep…a lamb … yes a lamb they are soft

OK my favorite question….what is your favorite thing about sissy?? Just her hair…PY…I’m kidding her personality and she is loveable (pretty sure she only said that for my benefit)

2 questions Py wanted me to ask her…

What is your favorite type of music?  Hip Hop…oh well ok

what is your favorite flavor of gum?  mint chocolate chip Extra and strawberry shortcake Extra……

Nice that was a great interview.  Oh wait Phoebe would like preview for her 4 year interview in September….

OK Phoebe :

What is your favorite color?? pink and blue AND purple  favorite tv show? Princess Makeover….um thats not a show well ok then how about your favorite movie? Paddy….that’s our cat does he have a movie out??? …NO mommy…hmmmm well what is your favorite food? a bologna sandwich with chips on it. (she just happened to be eating one that very moment…..whats your favorite song? You…me ? … yeah OK …And Phoebe….if you had a million dollars what would you do with it?? Put it in your bag…..Well with that awesome answer and lets hope that answer never changes LOL why don’t you study for your upcoming 4 year Interview in September….ok Mommy.

I love my peas they are the source of my greatest joy and sometimes my biggest frustrations as they say. They are growing into such amazing little people. If you have never interviewed the littles in your life you should. It’s a terrific keepsake to show their kids some day!

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