Jodi Lynn Clark

Jodi Lynn Clark

Yesterday my friend Katrina had called me to say our friend Jodi had passed away, she was only 51 a few weeks from her 52nd birthday.  I am devastated as is every one who knew and loved her.

I have cried, I have screamed, I have read all her friends sweet words on her Facebook page and cried some more.  As I type ….still crying …. it just doesn’t seem fair that a woman with a heart as big as the moon would be taken away by a heart attack.

Not to be a cliché when a person passes all you hear is how wonderful that person was, well with Jodi it’s true, she would do anything she could to help her friends and even strangers out.  Jodi was very active in the Komen Race for the Cure.  She always had a team for her aunt and worked very hard to raise money and get people to walk.  She was even named chairperson this year, the race in Cleveland is September this year my friend Katrina said that they are going to do something special for Jodi I can’t wait to see it.

Jodi wasn’t just my friend she was family, she was there for me when I needed her the most.  When Gram died she came to the house every day, called every night even after she had just been there.  She brought Grandpa food and stopped by until she knew he was going to be ok and would still ask me if he needed anything constantly. This is just one of the million things she so unselfishly did for her friends.

 When Gram died Jodi gave me a book called How To Cope When You Lose A Parent I wonder how you cope when you lose a best friend?

I want to write more but right now it will have to wait, it’s just too painful.

Pyper and her “Aunt” Jodi two red headed peas in a pod.

Jodi – we will miss you forever and love you even longer.

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