The Littlest Peas 1st Trip to Cosi

The first time we went to Cosi with my in laws I took the oldest Peas thinking that the littlest pea would be stuck in a stroller and miserable all day so she stayed home with Daddy…….. little did I know they practically have a whole floor just for those little people 5 years and under!

So we had to come back with Phoebe and our friends Brandy and Dave and their boys THEN come to find out it was Dad of 2 Peas first visit too so we had lot to look at and do for both of these two!

When you first walk in you are immediately greeted with “cool stuff” as the oldest pea would put it.  A harp without strings but plays when you touch it because of lasers!

Then we wandered on over to the heart beat thingamagig Py liked this one a lot Phoebe was still a little confused LOL!

Once our friends arrived we headed up to the little’s floor, unfortunately Pyper was too old so she and Chad played a X-Box Kinects in a little room away from the big kids.  And trust me when we say this the staff makes sure the big kids don’t mix in we had Py comes out of the little room to watch rat races they were putting on and this one staff member stared her down like she was about to rob a bank!

Once we were in there Phoebe was a little overwhelmed yeah, she just stood there taking it in not knowing what to do first.  There was so much!

I finally got her to go back to the water part where she had to don a rain coat and looked so dang cute !

What to do what to do. I have never seen Phoebe so shy about playing!

After a good 30 minutes I got her to look at other stuff, she liked this ball race but once a little guy tried to play with her she took off!

When she gets shy she makes this face that is so funny, kind of like she just got caught doing something embarrassing she did it a lot when the other kids tried to play with her.  She is with other kids everyday so not sure why she was so shy but she was!

So we went over to the other side of the floor the medical heath part, she put a band aid on a baby doll….

watched a video on the eye doctor…..

and talked to animals (-:

By this time she was ready to catch up with sissy and Dad, so we grabbed our friends and moved along.

We found Chad and Pyper in the “Progress” section across the way… was AWESOME the last time we were there Py and I went back in time to 1898 and now they added 1962!

Chad showed Py how to use the 18oo’s hoops…..

and do I even mention that Peas hair I love her piggie tails (-:

Chad showed both the peas the telegram office with a talking bird!

Birds was kinda frightening dare I say Alfred Hitcocky?

Chad loved the old camera Pyper was posing of course and I missed it OOPS

Then we scurried over to the 1960’s!  Phoebe loved this little ride that used to be outside the grocery stores, it was kind of hard to tell what it was a helicopter? a UFO? it didn’t matter she loved it no matter what it was!

Pyper loved the phone booth, I used to go up the street from out house all the time to call boys on a payphone and here my little one had no clue what it was she didn’t even know what the cord was for…..I am getting SO old!

Phoebe was walking with Chad from window to window she was just taking it all in.  Here’s a few shots of the 60’s so cool and notice the Sinclair Gas Station this is Pyper last name the thought it was so cool (-:

See Pyper looking at the bike up there? she wanted to ride it we would have never caught her.

After seeing her middle name in lights we lost her again….PYPER! where did that child go??

OH BOY of course she would find the tv studio she always says she wants to be famous!

There she is!

Daddy’s turn he read the teleprompter with breaking news of Kennedy’s Assassination

Pyper was the camera man Phoebe, Xander and Zach were the crew Phoebe was a little freaked out by the tv so she never went behind the desk

Now hoopla hoops! nothing like the 1800’s hoop they just rolled down the street!

Next up the Gadgets so much to tinker with~!  Dave even signed Py and Zach up for a class while Brandy and I took the littles to their own thing Brandy has that pic…hmmm you reading this Brandy I need that picture LOL

again Pyper took off Phoebe played with Daddy and I lost the Maas family, this Mom of 2 Peas clearly was not keeping up~!

OK there she is on the pulley having so much fun~!

Phoebe was getting hungry so after discovering their inner engineer we headed to the cafeteria…..I love the burger and fries, but they have everything there and it is all so good.

After we ate and the bellies were happy we made our way outside, I knew my little one would love this!



to be continued so stay tuned! ……….(lots of pics to go through)

2 thoughts on “The Littlest Peas 1st Trip to Cosi

  1. I can’t believe this is your first time at COSI!?!?! Clearly we haven’t talked enough. It is a favorite stop for Liam and Nora. We are going to head over soon to check out the new dinosaur exhibit. Let me know if you want to go again! – Erin Farley

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