Garden Time!

It’s that time again Pyper’s garden!

OR I should say this was Pyper’s garden for a few years and now its the Two Peas garden.  Both the peas were pretty excited to pull the weeds and get the dirt ready for seeds; so on one of the few good days we had we jumped in!

Py had picked out some new gardening gloves (I got the same) and we got a few extra ($1 each at Menards!)

She had hers on from the get go and handed Phoebe hers …

 Phoebe put hers on they were just a little big but she loved them.

We had a lot of weeds to pull all that rain brought them big time!

It wasnt long before they pulled out the kid tools heck with the boring weed pulling Mommy can do all that!

As you can see Pyper is getting pretty bored already… wasn’t long before she abandoned us for her friend next door and her trampoline. But Phoebe kept on tilling!

She was one determined Pea! only looked up once to wave at Dad of 2 Peas in the window…

She did a lot too! barely got any in the lawn….

Then with one last pull of the rake we were done!

Later we caught Chad out the dining room window where he leveled it all out Our Garden space is now ready for seeds!

Now can it warm back up PLEASE!

Let me know what your planting this year, are you doing a square foot garden, a raised garden, straw garden whatcha gonna do???

Leave a comment can’t wait to read them and leave a link to your blog too!

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