A Kindergarten Graduation

The day came …. she talked about it for weeks …. she reiterated who all was coming to the ceremony before bed each night and finally it was here:


June 4, 2010 Py tried on three dresses before finding perfect one, she got her sweater and backpack for the last time and head for the car. (Oh dear we need to paint those walls!)


 Py was waiting at the window when we arrived at the school.  She was so happy!

There were thirteen children in her graduating class, and I could pin each personality…the class clown, the shy one, the most friendly (which by the way Py was voted in the class and was so proud)!

Miss Jenny had the children right on the track for the entire program, only a few tears were shed and Miss Kristen well she might have cried the whole time (- :

For the program the kids counted to one hundred three ways….by twos, by five and by tens!  They sang a few songs in english and in spanish and each took turns reading from a book.   The children that read the quietest read alone so the parents could hear them, they all did a wonderful job!

Pyper and her friend read together, Py not quiet ….who knew LOL!  I wish I didn’t have to stand in the back row this picture is too fuzzy!

When all was said and done Py wanted to take some pictures and wanted her picture taken with her friends and teachers.   It sure made this Mom happy to see how much she loved Miss Kristen and Miss Jenny, the year started off a little rough but she ended up with all A’s and just a couple S’s (always and sometimes)

Showing the Daddy pea some pictures she took, then realizing those flowers (from Daddy, Grandma, Papa and Mommy) were for her she turned red and was slightly embarrassed but I am pretty sure she loved them.

Yeah, she loved them (-:

One last picture of the girls …….

AND the boyfriend, Caleb it was his last day he wouldn’t be staying for the summer program so his Mom took our phone number for a playdate.  Before we left Caleb ran out and shook Py all excited that they were going on a “play DATE” it was hysterical.  (she told me she likes Caleb because he’s funny and she likes his hair he does have great hair)

After graduation we kept our celebration in town, we have lived here 5 years and had yet to experience the little shops and restaurants in our historic downtown.  First stop Grandstand Pizza – and while the pizza was cooking us girls ran over to Pinkalicious http://www.pinkaliciousparties.com/ to book your 6th b-day party…more on that later

After pizza and boy was it GOOD we ran across the street to Graeter’s http://www.graeters.com/  the best ice cream ever!

Our little girl is growing up and no I don’t like it!  It feels like we just brought her home yesterday, like she just started preschool and it could not be possible that she just finished kindergarten.

A baby no more!  First Grade here she comes I hope you can handle her we know she can handle you !

Until then we will enjoy summer keep up with out blog as we talk birthday parties and the garden that we hope will grow!

One thought on “A Kindergarten Graduation

  1. Jamie – I love her! She’s growing so quickly and she’s so cute! I can’t believe she’s headed to 1st grade in the Fall. Congrats to all of you! Have a great summer.

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