Mellow Yellow….

For those of you that may follow my blog you know that we lost our Gram on Mother’s Day, she meant the world to me.  I have really had a hard time trying to find some kind of normalcy and do the things I did before that day.  I haven’t entered the iHeartFaces contest in a while and thought baby steps this will be easy; the theme was yellow.   I remembered this picture and while I looked for it I found the sweetest pictures of Gram and the oldest pea it made me so happy that she was able to enjoy my children even if only for a short time so I think I will blog about that later……NOW this picture.

Py was two and a half years old and it was her first trip to the Columbus Zoo, she loved the monkeys we saw on the way in and the house of birds.  But her favorite thing there wasn’t an animal at all!  The Zoo has a playground and boy was it tough to get her away from there.  Here she was running up and down the tubes and just giggled the whole time. 

Be sure to check out all the other amazing entries at and check out there photo walks in different cities around the US more info on the site!

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips

3 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow….

  1. What a cute shot! The angle, coloring and that joy filled face are a winning combination. Nice entry. I’m also sorry for you loss this month…glad you found a picture to bring back good memories.

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