Pyper pea’s first missing tooth!

At Pyper last dentist appointment her dentist told her that her two bottom teeth were loose.  She was so excited she came home and told everyone who would listen.  Only when we touched them they didn’t seem loose at all! So she worked them for a little over two months.  This past week she kept asking “is it time Mom; is it loose enough to pull Dad?”   It seemed a little tight yet so we told her to be patient it will come out.  Well low and behold we were at a restaurant for breakfast when all of a sudden she is handing me her tooth!   She yelled “MOM MY TOOTH”  she was so happy and so excited! Even as I was cleaning up the scrambled eggs she spit out on me she could not stop smiling. 

I didn’t have my camera of course but had my cell  phone so I took a few fuzzy pics !

When we got home I took a few more pictures to show her missing tooth!

Now thinking I had plenty of time Py and I had been wanting to make a tooth pocket for the tooth fairy.  I remembered at 8:30 that night!  So I rushed to make the tooth pocket……

Because Py’s bedtime was approaching!

I grabbed the sewing kit and let her pick the pattern surprise it was princess, I had these squares cut for a quilt that never got made so why not!

It took until 10:00 and thankfully she didn’t fall asleep so she put her tooth in the pocket…

We talked about how much she thought her tooth was worth and what the tooth fairy would bring her, she said ten cents I said what a cheap tooth fairy!

She got more excited just thinking about it!

Ok little girl it was getting late and she had to get some sleep because as all you know kids get up way early when they know a surprise is waiting for them to wake up.

I took to upstairs and told her to put the tooth pillow under her pillow but she wanted to keep it right beside her head.  Easier for the tooth fairy that’s for sure!

I snuck in here room around midnight and snapped a picture before the tooth fairy came if the flash didn’t wake her up nothing would~!

The next morning she was awake at 6:00 AM to tell us how much the tooth fairy left her all smiles and ready to work on the next loose tooth!

CHEESE!~ Just another great day for our oldest pea – Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Pyper pea’s first missing tooth!

  1. I feel I should say, I absolutely love your blog. Maybe you could tell me how I could subscribing with it? I feel I should let you know I stumbled upon this blog through MSN.

  2. Thank you so much! I started bloggin when a friend of mine started a photography blog and you had to have one to enter pictures. Well I am not one not to talk about my family so I just started typing and here we are ! Looked at the home page and on the left part way down you can subscribe to get emails when I post. Thank you so muhc for visiting (-:

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