iheartfaces is “All Bundled Up” !




MARCH 2008

It was the “blizzard” of 2008 the county office actually closed that day!  The oldest pea was so excited that the snow had not stopped all night, and she was  begging to go make a snowman.  I was excited too because this was the first time she showed any interest in being in snow.  So I got her all wrapped up….three layers of pants three shirts and a dress yes a dress she was in her I only wear dresses phase and well it just kept her warmer LOL!

I will post a blog this week to show you the whole time we were out there the snow was to her waist and it was hysterical getting out to the front yard.  Once we got out there she instinctively threw her body down and made a snow angel. 

 I was cracking up! Surely she learned it somewhere “Where did you see how to make a snow angel Py?” “On Max and Ruby Mommy its a snow bunny!”  So it is Py…….so it is.  So here is my entry this week!

She’s my little snow bunny!

Be sure to check out what I am sure will be amazing pictures over at ihearface.blogspot.com or click on my picture above to go straight there!


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5 thoughts on “iheartfaces is “All Bundled Up” !

  1. I love snow angels- this shot is so fun. I hope you aren’t offended at this suggestion, but I think you should adjust the lighting just a little bit so that the angel really pops. (I guess it would be contrast) Just my opinion…I love the picture!

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