The never ending battle of hair returns!

Only this time we may have won!   Two nights ago Pyper said to me that she wanted to get her hair cut shorter like mine.  I was excited! Any time we have mentioned getting it cut she would cry so we would only get it trimmed.  Now if you know us or have just breezed by our blog here, you know that Py’s hair is just a bear to take care of.  But I do it and it is beautiful all red and curly (btw she hates the curls always wants it straight until now……….)

I took her to Cookie Cutters here is town, they are awesome the kids can sit in fun chairs play video games or watch movies while they get their hair cut.  Pyper surprised me again when she asked to get her hair washed first.  Last few times she got a trim she wouldn’t let them just got sprayed down.   Well for being brave and getting it all washed she got quite the surprise when the water was cold! 


When she got it brushed out there was no surprise when the stylist found pink fuzz fused in the curls.  (see previous post on the pink shag rug).



As she chewed her gum and watched High School Musical 3,  the madness began!



Pyper kept watching in the mirror then back to the movie then back to the mirror, I thought she may freak out once she saw all the hair on the floor but she didn’t she was loving this!



More cutting…..



Then she looked;  was she gonna crack???



No she sure didn’t!!!! 



She did look a little concerned when the layers were being cut in…..



I saw a little face but nothing like panick so we were good (-:     Then the smile!  She was done just needed to dry a little…She loved it!  I loved it!



Her hair looked amazing!  I am so glad she decided she was ready and that it was her decision and not us telling her.  There is just something about a girl’s hair that no matter what age is part of their personality and they want to be in charge.   On this day I was pretty ok with that and yes it sure will bring out that personality~!



She was so happy! She ran around on the indoor play gym while I paid and she ran over to the stylist again to say thank you and give her, her tip.  She was so excited to get home and show her Daddy and sister!

When we got home SHE wanted me to take more pictures am I dreaming???? Of course I will take more pictures!!!



Now for the fun!!!







When she woke up this morning she was still as happy as ever and kept asking Phoebe if she liked her hair.  I’m very proud of my big girl just another step in her life.  The beginning of many decisions to come!

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