Christmas is almost here! and I finally scrapbooked last Christmas…here are some pages….


My Christmas scrapbooks are never small! We have such fun and we do so much!  We have started to have a cookie party each year this year it’s December 12th and I can’t wait.  The following are just a few pages from each event I hope you get inspired!!! I love looking at other websites and getting in the mood to scrap I feel so behind now that the girls have more and more of a social life I can’t let a thing pass by.  It is an obsession I know this the first step is admitting it….LOL

So scrap on scrappers I hope to have more to share soon and if you are visiting leave me your link so I can get inspired by YOU!









These are just a few of the pages you know I had a million more! I will get more uploaded soon…until then friends scrap on!~


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  1. Laura! I didn’t know you had another blog I will add it to my log! and thank you (-:

    Adrienne – I skipped a lot!! I still have a couple years to do (-:

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