Two Peas and their pumpkins!

This year Pyper went on a field trip to Circle S Farms,  the same farm we go to every year to get our pumpkins.  She got to get an extra one since she went the day before we went with my in-laws. 

as my Brother in Law Adam pointed out on FB yes there are some lovely porto potties in the background hehe(-;

 The farm had so many fun things for Pyper to do not so much for Phoebe though,  next year for sure but not this year….but she did enjoy the animals and the hay ride!


 My father in law Dennis was great, my camera ran out of battery and for a scrapbooking blogger like ME it was terrible! so he took all of these pics thank you, thank you Dennis!

Dennis and Sharon (Grandma and PaPa) with the peas

Pyper was able to play in the hay barn, Phoebe went in but I was afraid the bigger kids would trample her SO I just let her watch.    Pyper had fun she would scream cannon ball and jump right in the hay!


CANNON BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a sunflower maize BUT the sunflowers were all dead…again….the last time we came they were too!  Py ran through a hay thing that she loves only kids allowed!  We saw goats, chickens and bunnies oh and bees lots and lots of  bees .  We ate donuts and drank cider and then my mother in law was nice enough to take the gargantuan stroller and let us take the girls on  a hay ride to get their pumpkins… was awesome there were SO many!


Chad took Py to pick out sissy’s pumpkins (remember she got hers the day before) she was so excited! and probably picked up the smallest pumpkins there (-:



Chad got a green one for the “bonus” pumpkin…..two weeks later we carved them OK well……Chad did but Pyper cleaned two out!





I think Chad has fun he won’t admit it but he does!  Phoebe was nice and patient in the pack and play while the pumpkins were being prepared to carve.  But once they got that taken care of we put her closer to the action!


Chad told Pyper that whatever she wanted on the pumpkins to draw it on a piece of paper and he would do it….Phoebe’s was simple a smile face….he did it just like the drawing…..then she tried to make him do a tiger, that actually looked like a mouse then she changed her mind.   So he carved the green bonus pumpkin as a surprise and did a cat in honor of Puff’s first Halloween.


Pyper was upset when she was informed that only Daddy would be doing the carving I think she thought she was going to, but at age 5  I wouldn’t let her and she had a melt down…..once she got over it she watched her Daddy really close…


Phoebe loved her pumpkin once she noticed it!   Chad cut it exactly like Py drew it….so cute she was so proud.


Both the peas had a great time with the pumpkins….and with thier Daddy…..


To top the night off Chad found the candles and lit the jack o lanters on the porch and the were perfect (-:


Happy Halloween Everyone!

One thought on “Two Peas and their pumpkins!

  1. Jamie, this is such a fun post! I love the shots of all four of you at the pumpkin patch. We’re hoping to take our kids to the local patch tomorrow.
    I love Pyper’s face in the first pumpkin-cleaning shot is exactly how I feel about the pumpkin guts. YUK, But I’ll be chief pumpkin carver this year, so I suppose I should just get used to the idea now.

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