The Chronicles of Professor Puffington

We adopted Puff 50 days ago today… not quite 2 months he has been like one of the children.  He pumped some life into this house that’s for sure!    He has taken to our youngest Phoebe so much that he seems like a willing rag doll.  He has never once scratched her believe it or not, he lets her rub her head on him and pull his ears.  I am constantly saying easy or nice kitty.  He never seems to run when he should unless its from me when he is where he shouldn’t be !  DSC06463

I feel like this is going to be a long loving relationship, Puff tries to get in Phoebe’s room every night and every night I run him out.  When she is bigger and when he is bigger right now he is a mere 3 pounds I know they will share a bed.  As I type this post Pyper is sleep on the couch and he is at her feet, Phoebe is already in her crib.   SO here are a few pictures of my two little best friends as they play whenever they can…..I added a picture of  him trying to play with Pete and well you can see the excitement in Pete’s face…..




See him back there by the chair he is waiting…..patiently 







By the end of every night we put Phoebe in her pack and play to relax before putting her in her crib to fall asleep. Professor Puffington just watches her from the outside patting at the pack and play making her laugh!!!

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