The never ending battle…

Every morning in the Riley household is a battle of sorts….a war on curls if you will!  Pyper sees the brush and she goes running……a week ago she asked if I would straighten her hair she had  two very important birthday parties to attend and wanted a new curl free look….I warned her once we start we can’t stop or it will look soooo silly.  OK Mommy she said with that gleam in her eye the gleam we see when she gets her way.


I got out the straightener and into battle we went.  There were tears, their was screeching…there was ARE YOU DONE YET MOMMY…..then there was this…




Um yeah a little too grown up for Mommy… we added a little pony tail (-:



Pyper was very happy but by three o’clock that afternoon the curls had mostly returned……I had to advise my little trooper that her curls were beautiful and after the battle of the curls she would have to wait to straighten her own next time!