Our newest family member…Professor Puffington “Puff”



If you have been following my blog you are away of our loveably cat Petey Peteman, Petey lost two sister last year and for awhile loved being an only cat.  Since we have had our youngest daughter, Pete seems to not enjoy being solo much anymore.  We decided to start looking for a kitten in July to be with him and to keep the house jumping as kittens are crazy!  WELL…………………………

We adopted our new kitten today from Colony Cats!  And there are lots more that need homes if you are looking for them you can contact them at colonycats.org (-: 

When we picked him out of the many beautiful cats that were available his name was President John and he had a sister and two brothers, Caroline ( I loved her but Chad insisisted on a boy!) Senator’s Bobby and Teddy.   Py had picked a name awhile ago she wanted Princess Cinderella Puffinton, but we knew we wanted a boy so it got cut to Professor Puffington.

Puff still has to make friends with his new big brother Pete they are still growling at each other.  But he sure has made this house his own!  As I type the kids are in bed and Puff has tried to help me type my blog.  He has given up and is asleep at my toes.    Welcome Home Professor Puffington you will be loved here!

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