Are we ready???

Ah Pyper’s first day of kindergarten, she was not enthused to say the least.   I think because she stayed at the same school as she did preschool and summer daycare it didn’t get the glory that a new school would have.  Not to mention the lack of nap time has her in an uproar!  Needless to say I was only able to get one smile of her on the first day of school.


Don’t mind our old furniture it will be gone soon!



Maybe if she stands in her “spot” that’s the place she loves to have her picture taken I’m not sure why?



Maybe not so I said “one smile peanut and I’ll stop” so I got this …….FINALLY!


Ok ready to go….(as I said this I snuck one more in)….


So all my fellow parents out there….are you ready for this year ?  I’m not sure I am as whatever someone elses child will catch, my two peas will catch it too… to close here is a familiar photo of all the medicine dispensers we accumulated last year. 


Well…not all of them I’m sure!  Have a great school year everybody (-:

3 thoughts on “Are we ready???

  1. Poor py! I know she will start enjoying it soon. Trinity loves school but has already told me that she has had 2 time outs and 5 minutes taken away from recess for not listening:(
    Ashley was talking to her friends instead of writing down her homework assignments today so it took awhile for her to “remember” what they were. Thank goodness tracy’s daughter is in 2nd grade too with the same assignments, so I called her too.

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