Our first trip to Cosi

What a special day! Last Sunday I took Py to Cosi for the first time, since her cousins were in town adn they are always looking for something to do my sister in law suggested Cosi.  For a few years I kept saying there couldn’t be anything there for a little one to do it wouldn’t be worth it. Well was I WRONG they have a whole section for preschool and younger!

We're here!
We're here!

Py enjoyed every bit of it, she had quite a few favorites! including the water room so much fun but hardly wet I liked thsat part (-: 




Of course there was playing doctor nothing like checking a forehead for a heartbeat!


DSC03737DSC03734Then there was the 3D sounds she loved listening to the animals in the jungle best…..DSC03738

The last day of the Frog exhibit Py and Madison big eyes frog….big eyed girls!


 The pulley!   The girls couldn’t get enough of this I don’t get it but they loved it (-:



 Under the sea..under the sea…sitting in a bubble watching the camera go b y….see her in the monitor??


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