The movie that plays in my head…..

My husband is always asking me how the movie in my head plays out…..its an interesting question really.  Is he asking me what I’m thinking or is he being snarky?  Because honestly I have more of a concert going on in my head at all times I guess he would call it a soundtrack LOL.  What about any of you??   and if so what is the soundtrack of your life??

3 thoughts on “The movie that plays in my head…..

  1. This is interesting, Jamie. Interestingly, my soundtrack is eerily quiet most of the time. But when there is music, I’d say it mostly is piano punctuated with birdsong. I’m going to have fun pondering this today. There are times when I feel like the movie of the day would be a huge blockbuster drama, and other days when it’s completely unremarkable. (At least that’s what I think today.) 🙂

  2. Mine changes everyday too today was an extremely stressful day and the music played on! Maybe its a coping mechinism better to sing it out than to stress out maybe??

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