Lots of “stuff”

Sorry I have not kept up with my new bog!   I have been so preoccupied with this little book saga called Twilight I am sure you know the one as I think I am probably the only person who is just now reading the books and since I watched the movie first its like a movie in my head while I read so I blew through book two andthree in 4 days! I need to scrapbook but I just need to know the conclusion.  I am now on the last book second chapter and realized I needed to pay for some Ebay purchases Py’s jean skirt and chains for her rock star party….Anyway thought I would blog for a second about the happenings of the last few weeks….as you see I did not win the I heart Faces contest this week its self portrait and until I lose 100 pounds that’s not gonna happen! But I did take this awesome picture of Pete that I can not wait to enter when they have the pet category again….wanna see it??  OK…dsc02862

So we now have over 6700 complaints filed at work so we will be busy from now until 2011 LOL but its good for people to see how the Board of Revisions work.  You would be so surprised about some of the stories we hear in the hearings its like people forget all common sense in that room only ready to fight about taxes….its exhaustingbut I love it….well most of it there are some attorney’s that I would LOVE to ask to jump off a bridge.  How they think they are serving theirclients are beyond me…OK no more work talk.  So on to the kids!  Pyper’s first dance recital is this Saturday we are so excited she will be performing the Lion King  and you know I will have pictures (-: Then on Tuesday she will have her tubes put back in her ears and adenoids taken out hopefully helping her with all her snot issues.  Phoebe is sliding all over the place like a little worms going backwards on the hardwood we need a rug just so she can learn to crawl!  We also have a new baby niece that was born last week her name is Raylin Riley and she is cute as a button with lots of dark hair like her mommy…..well that’s enough for tonight I hope to scrapbook this weekend so I can get some pages up here. Its not May yet so no new garden news but say tuned!

One thought on “Lots of “stuff”

  1. Jamie, this is a great photo of Pete. I love it! I tried the self-portrait thing, but my daughter and just laughed at the results and decided to keep that one to ourselves. 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of Pyper’s dance recital. (Maybe a little video, too?)

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