The Memories Scrapbooking Expo!

Friday my friend Lisa and I went to the scrap booking expo here in Columbus we took a class and got a sneak peek at what we were buying on Saturday!   We had a blast, we were inspired by just about everything we saw.  Our newest venture is the acrylic scrapbook we both got a few to try to see if we like them.  The ones we saw completed were amazing I even bought two large pieces to try and make pictures for the girls playroom.  Lisa really enjoyes all the new things to do with stamping and embossing….I wish I could get into that part but I am just not good at the stamping part.  Oh we did purchase some liquid glass which almost has an epoxy like quality.  You put it over whatever you want to shiny and sort of puff up can\’t wait to use that!  I have so much to scrapbook from October until NOW which is fall pumpkin patch pictures, Halloween Phoebe\’s first Christmas in four different places, Valentines Day, St Patrick\’s Day Parade and soon Easter I need to get on the ball!   Anyone have ideas??   Please share for all to see !  Here are a few pictures of one of my some of my favorite scrapbooks before the cricut LOL …Pyper was three months in her first Halloween costume, she was one at the beach and one and a half  for our first trip to the pumpkin patch and her first trick or treat (-: Oh she was so little….then a few of the sister album I did that was the last one I worked on it was an 8X8 so it might be hard to see.  I ordered a few pictured today to scrapbook……1172 to be exact!  Let the scrap begin…any of my girls who want to come over and scrap with me are more than welcome (-:

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